Sunday, December 14, 2008

You have achieved the Supernova

Poker goes well. Well, everything's kind of going well right now. My cousin has taken over for a good chunk of the week watching my Oma, and that means I'm basically free every day but Mondays and Wednesdays now. Even when I am busy, I have my new laptop to play with. That all adds up to more poker. Last few days I've been a little busy, but without feeling like I'm even playing that much at all, I'm already on pace for a record month in number of hands played.

Coaching with Alan has been phenomenal. We had another two hour session and talked a lot about flop textures, how exactly to use pokerazor, and other good stuff. I should get coaching more often. He charges $400 for a two hour block, but I always seem to make that back and then some after a session with him (or Stosh for that matter). I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but both Alan and I are confident I can both make it to the mid stakes, and win. By his guesstimations I'm better than %50 of the regulars, probably %60. That sounds pretty good, but I think I still need some more work done before I move up; I feel I'm better than a much higher percentage of 200nl regulars than %60, and would like to feel a little more comfortable before I move to 400nl.

Right now that's not really my biggest priority though. If I can really motivate myself to play more hands the rest of this month and next month, I can start reaching the 10k/month point again. I mean even if I'm making around 20c/hand (my overall rate has been ~10c/hand, my 200nl rate has been slightly higher than 20c/hand), that means I can clear $10k in 50k hands. That also doesn't include bonuses, which are significantly higher now that I've reached Supernova status on Stars.

10k/month is 120k per year. And that's fucking ridiculous for a degen like me. Moral of the story: play more, and you can set the rest of your life up with your poker winnings.

Now I'm obviously really high-spirited right now, and as you can guess, a lot of that is from me running like a god recently. But even if I'm overestimating my winrate or whatever, how can playing a ton more possibly be wrong? What's wrong with trying for $10k/month and only getting $5k?

I really mean it when I say this, but you guys will be seeing a lot more from me in the future. I'm motivated through the roof and will be playing tons more, and a lot better too with the help of Alan and some other resources. Oh, as an aside, I'll probably be coming out with a sweat style video for stoxpoker with Stosh! Should be fun. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to expose myself and my screen name like that, but I don't think it'll make much of a difference anyways.

So, this month's graph below. It's obviously a sample size thing, but my coaching literally started right at the base of that mountain.


Entiteit said...

Holy ****, nice spike dude !
Keep up the good work, and especially keep the motivation up :)

Jay said...

Congrats on the SN m8. $10k months will be pretty standard for you at $400nl in my estimation, so go for it!

Custo said...

Congratulations mate, sounds like things are really coming together. $10K/month is something I'm dreaming for and I hope, like you, after enough time and building I'll be up there with you. Fantastic effort, a few posts ago you seemed a little down, glad to see that has turned around now.

Out of curiosity, this training you've been having, is it only for ring players, or would it be of benefit for me aswell as I multi table low level SnG's?

Congrats again mate, this really is the beginning of a bigger part of your poker career.

Keep positive and enjoy the rewards.

ChuckTs said...

Thanks you three, I always appreciate the support.

Custo: I'm getting training from a 6-max NLHE specialist. It would no doubt help your poker game, but there are much better things to do with your money as an STT player.

With all due respect to you and other STT players, STTs are just a different game. The shorter stacks simplify the game down to almost purely EV calculations that software can solve. Signing up at a coaching site or getting a personal coach would almost be a waste of money.

Go pick up SNG wizard (an ICM calculator) for $100, and plug your games in every time you finish one. There are times to deviate from the advice of the program, but generally you want to follow everything it says. That alone will put you on the winning track.

Custo said...

Thanks Chuck, I'll check it out now. Much appreciated.

Gunslinger said...

Congrats, Chuck. Great milestone for the year and even better attitude and outlook for the future. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Brandon Mark said...

Great freaking JOB!

fairnbalncd said...

wow! very nice Chuck! inspiring to say the least... if i can get a couple grand banked up i'm hitting up a coach myself... right now i need to concentrate on the 25nl game before i invest more into myslef... i'll PM you in the next week or so.

again GREAT JOB!!!

bw07507 said...

Nice looking month Chuck, glad to see you doing so well lately. Hit me up soon, we need to do another sweat session :)

Jurn8 said...

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