Friday, January 30, 2009

Good start to '09

Haven't played nearly as much as I'd like to, but at least I'm playing fairly well and am running really well. My EV is probably around neutral, but I know I've had my fair share of favourable spots this past month. Spending lots of time with the ladyfriend, and even more time lately watching over my Oma whose health hasn't been tops lately, so I have no qualms about only logging like 24k hands this month.

January review:

Ran well, played fairly well (barring the occasional skizo 3bet shove with overs which probably helps my image anyways), and ran well. I'd like to have played more hands, but meh.

I only just realized I didn't set any goals for this month at the end of December, only yearly goals. Those, however, included 500k hands for 2009, and I'm not off to a great start in that respect.

Biggest pot won:

Biggest pot lost:

February goals:

- At least 25k hands. I was busy this month, but I still could have logged more hands.
- More study away from the tables. Try to spend at least 1 hour every day either studying flop textures or watching DC/Stox videos.
- Think more about coaching.
- Post more in the forums.

I've been thinking yet again about moving out into my own apartment. With a guesstimated $1500 in rent and probably another $1000 in other stuff, this is easily doable. Something to think about. I'd kill to have a nice loft/warehouse space and get out of this god forsaken hunk of shit house.


Icemonkey9 said...

Sick graph, WTF did you do between hands 9k and 12k because you could bottle that up and it'd be worth more than gold ;) Glad to see you are running well bud, share the mojo wealth.

Also I didnt know you played 2/4 now, congrats on that I imagine its not fulltime but regardless another move up in stakes.

Moving out on your own might be fun. Try to keep your expenses low, maybe even find a trustworthy roommate. Living on your own can be lonely. And taking responsibilities like this has its disadvantages too, but definitely would be a rewarding experience. GL!

Custo said...

Awesome month Chuck congrats 7K nothing to be frowned on. I had 2 questions for you mate.

1: Is this all @ 400NL or a combination of 200NL & 400NL?

2: On pokertracker, what was your BB/100 for January?

Seeing you now involved in 1K+ pots is pretty damn scary for me tbh. How you handling it? I'd hazard a guess if you just view it as buy-ins it shouldn't be that much of a drama, would that be right?

Anyways, awesome results mate keep it up and post some pics of that million dollar crib you'll be moving into soon :)