Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My week so far

-PS gets laggy
-Internet dies soon after
-Called internet provider, turns out they didn't bother to tell me they halted my account until I called them about renewing my service with them
-Internet back up
-Try PS, still not working
-Find out modem is dead
-Replace modem
-Find out router is dead
-Dump router, so wireless is dead until I buy a new one
-Try PS, it's working, but lagging like fuck, and cuts me out in-session twice
-Call ISP, it's not them
-Phone is dead
-Call phone company, play phone tag with 3 different assholes before finally getting someone with half a brain, and only today is my internet 'working' (still lags some)
-I barely trust my connection playing online
-Go out to dinner with the lady to blow off steam
-Drop my awesome headphones on the way and step on them, crushing an earbud

Usually what happens is the phone line comes into your house, into a demarcation box which splits the lines so you can have more than one phone jack, and everything's good. What's happened in our house is that we did renovations, somehow lost the location of the demarcation box, and because of that they put a line directly into our house and into one phone jack which leads to our wireless phone hub. The problem with that is that there is no longer one rubber-coated line coming into the house. It's a flimsy little wire that's been connected outside our house that can easily be affected by rain, snow, or a fucking chipmunk running across it.

right on cue, my internet has cut out. Thank god for Blogger's post saving system.

So you can tell, this hasn't been the best of months. I've still managed 10k hands somehow, but they've been pretty horrible. Dropped 3k within the first 4k hands, started to claw my way back up to a highpoint of 1k under, then had another horrible day that dropped me back down to 2.5k under or so. Ran well today but I'm still pretty disappointed this has all come down at such a critical point.

I'm trying my damn hardest to work on all the stuff that Jared has been teaching me, but it's been hard. Well that is it's hard when I play. When I can't play, I can't practice tilt control or following the process model (of prep., play, and evaluation).

I'm planning on moving out, getting my own place and having my girlfriend live with me and pay her side of things while she does. I've still got about 20k CDN, and I think that'll be enough for a place with ~$1500/month rent. I figure for one or two people with utilities and food it shouldn't be more than 2k/month. And having said that, I believe having 10 months expenses is pretty safe. Not that that 20k is static and guaranteed, but at least it's there now. Most don't even have first and last saved up when they get an apartment.

Once I did move out and got everything sorted (I figure one month to move all my shit, maybe two if there are delays), I think I'd be in the clear. All the time in the world to grind and start actually having to take care of myself.

The apartment is also awesome because it's a huge warehouse, something that the owner doesn't care about taking care of. ie, I could drill a speedbag mount into the wall as well as my flat screen and all that type of stuff.

Not to mention an ACTUALLY CONSISTENT internet connection!!! Imagine that!

I think before I make the commitment I need to really sit down and calculate everything to make sure it would work out alright. Unless I go on some ridiculous run where I drop 10k or something, I'm not really in any danger of not being able to pay for the bills though. That feels pretty awesome.

I played for an hour or so today, ran really well which was nice for a change. Still have a bad taste in my mouth from the rest of the month, but at least I reminded myself what it's like to actually win.

Spring's here and I'm sitting writing a blog, how lame. Gonna go grab a beer and chill on my porch, invite some friends over and then go celebrate St. Paddy's day! Have fun all, and don't die Liam.


bw07507 said...

Nice to see an update chuck. Good luck with the new apartment and I hope your luck on the tables changes soon. Let me know if you are ever want to sweat or just talk poker.

enty said...

RIP Liam and chucks internet connection :(.

Gl on all you real life stuff man and I hope your month turns around.

We all know you have it in you, best of luck !

icemonkey9 said...

Literally had my jaw drop and said out loud "ohhhhh no!" at your ear-bud disaster.

LOL at the chipmunks bringing down your internet.

Living with your girlfriend in a warehouse? Not sure about how "awesome" that sounds for $2k/mo but you sound stoked.

$3k stuck at the month. wtf is up with stars. I kinda threw in the towel for stars for the time being for my own mental well being, so you sticking with it shows your mental fortitude. Keep it up bud, I'm rooting for you.

The Spore said...

Dude, very sorry to hear about the catastrophes. Just keep your head up man! And I would definitely recommend getting your own place, you will be much happier and much more productive I can bet.

Hope it all goes well! Will be checking in to see the progress :)

ChuckTs said...

more like a loft, Sean. Used to live in the same building with my old man; huge ceilings, everything's industrial and solid, love that place.

Thanks for the support guy, as always I appreciate it. Last few days have been much better than the week before them.