Saturday, May 23, 2009

Expekt and the Gnuf bonus

Just a quick note.

My expekt deal (ipoker) finally went through. I get a certain percentage through the site, and a certain percent through my rep, and it adds up to %50. First full month I get more than that though since my rep wants to make up for having it delayed for so long.

On the other hand, I'm 5500 points into clearing my gnuf $1k bonus, and I'm not sure it's more worth it to stay there and grind it out or to start hitting up the ipoker tables.

The expekt deal lasts until November, after that my rep says there will be other deals available.

Very excited about this as it will bring a lot more consistency to my profit line, give me some experience adjusting to a(nother) new player pool, and will also force me to play fewer tables, in turn giving me time to think deeper about my decisions and in turn forcing me to play more hours to make good volume.


Custo said...

Good luck Chuck. I may have missed a post, what is this deal you’re talking about? And also which Ipoker site are you on as I'm spending a fair bit of time @ Titan (if you don't wanna divulge that info here PM me @ CC). Good luck anyways bro. Look forward to reading how you’re ripping up the new competition.


ChuckTs said...

The deal is %50 rakeback on expekt. I have accounts on other skins but none of them have rakeback. Ask Jurn8 on cc about the rep who's giving me the deal; I don't see why he wouldn't send you his way.

As always, thanks for the encouraging words Custo, always appreciate you dropping by :)

Brian said...

damn, i wish i wasnt in the US :( I want 50% rakeback and terribad players to play against at 200NL.

Jurn8 said...

Glad you got a sweet deal chuck, Wish you all the best and hope you continue to rake in some bucks!!

ChuckTs said...

Thanks Jake, really appreciate you hooking me up :)

The switch of sites was pretty much the biggest factor in my stopping my downswing.