Thursday, September 17, 2009


Long time no...write!

Been pretty busy with poker things and real life things lately, so I haven't been around forums at all really.

My days now are mostly spent grinding/studying, having fun with my very special lady, seeing friends, and just enjoying my summer. I've been trying to stay off my PC as much as possible, but that's been hard with the grinding, the seinfeld watching ( is the shit), and blowing off steam playing call of duty or whatever. I actually just bought Mass Effect. Stupid fucking idea iyam, especially for someone that's a 'completionist' (gotta find all the stupid little secrets and stuff, and that game's full of them). Still a geek at heart, I can't help that.

Anyways I figured I'd just give you guys a little update on what's up in my life.

I'm still playing at ipoker which is going pretty well. I was running like god for a while until a few bad days brought me back down to earth, but I'm still very happy with my ~3ptbb/100 and ~%50 rakeback (tangent: get at me if you want a rb deal there. I can't give direct quotes of acutal rb %s, but the guy's super reliable, pays out daily, and I don't care about taking referrals, so you get a solid payout. Just PM me or whatever, I can't gives stuff out publicly. End tangent). Overall I've crushed this year's downswing in BBs, but I've been playing smaller stakes so I don't think it quite adds up. Not that it matters - I feel good, I'm cutting down the dollar variance a ton with the higher rb and smaller stakes, and am making pretty good strides in my game.

I mentioned in the forums that I was on trial as a stoxpoker coach. Although my first video (released Sept. 5th if you want to watch it) was a little slow and really not that great imo, it was well-received and they seemed happy to keep me on the team. The pay is good enough for me to really try to punch out a solid video or two per month, and to really keep me on my toes. I think it's a great thing to have happened to me, and really see it as a potential catalyst to my improvement. I think I'm on deck for another video next month, so watch out for that if you liked my first one.

Winter is somewhere down the road and my girlfriend and I have decided that we'll have to kill ourselves out of depression if we stay here for the whole season. We thought about a cheap all-inclusive type of thing, but to be honest that just sounds so boring and touristy. Lots of my friends have gone traveling and several of them have some cool tips on really cheap <$10/day shacks on the beach which would be awesome. Wake up, take a half our run up and down the beach, wash off in the ocean, then explore the jungles, or rent a motorbike and double-ride through the countryside or go check out nearby cities. All the while grind here and there on my laptop to fund the trip a little bit. Should be a lot of fun. We're thinking about South America, but there are some other places on the wish list too.

That's about it. I will be posting more in the future, looking to do more pokerazor stuff, equity breakdowns and other stuff I'm not as keen on as I'd like to be.


Fredrik Paulsson: said...

I can say with quite some certainty that geekiness isn't something you grow out of.

Icemonkey9 said...

Great to see you blog again. I think it'll help your coaching/stox career tbh if you get a following among the people that enjoy your videos.

To blow off steam I'm playing NHL 10 on PS3 and I highly recommend it.

JanuskieZ said...
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