Saturday, February 21, 2009

Basically since Valentine's Day I've dropped about two grand and my nice start to February flip flopped into an ugly downswing. Even so, I feel great. For the most part it's because of Jared's videos and the small session I had with him. To reiterate what he wants me to work on:

-Tilt management (paying close attention to my emotional level in-game, keeping reference cards on-hand, etc)
-Training my brain to go through the process model (pre-session warm-up, post-session warm-down, evaluating my play and my progress with my tilt management, etc)
-Organize my life so I can have defined times to play poker, and defined times to do everything else.

So far, I've basically failed everything except watching my emotional level, but I really feel like that alone has reshaped my mental game.

I was doing the warmup/warmdown stuff for a good 5 days or so, but eventually I crept into the "fuck this, let's just play" mindset and haven't used that little record book since.

Nor have I done any organizing! My mom and I agreed that we should come up with a schedule for my work and for when she needs me for other stuff, but we still haven't decided on what that schedule will be. I haven't joined the gym, but I've started training my brain to wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier which will help with everything.

I figure my ideal schedule will be something like:

-Wake up at 10am.
-Eat, walk the dog, then be at the gym by 11am.
-Train until 12 or 1pm.
-Get back home, eat a snack, shower up, and play poker until 4 or 5pm
-If I feel good, keep playing, otherwise relax and do something other than poker.

Feeling pretty excited about slowly changing my habits; I've never been a very structured person, and this isn't just about poker.

So as Jared has suggested and I think I need to do, I should start setting some more daily/weekly/monthly goals. In the next few days:

-Decide on actual schedule
-Start doing the warmup/warmdown stuff again
-Rewatch Jared's video with the process model in it (FOAPP #4 I believe)
-Do more sweats with Fredrik! The videos have been a lot of fun and are great for everyone involved. Another one's on the way, just having some editing problems.

Some hands since my last post:

Against a maniac/fish who likes to raise some flops. I get lucky.

Against another aggro fish. Really set him up for that one, posted about it in the Feb chat thread.

I get lucky again.

Aside from that, those are really the only full stacks I've won since the 16th. Sad.

Against yet another aggro fish. Frustrating, but I think I could have layed down the turn.

One of the things I've been trying to do is experiment with more flatting. It's something I definitely don't have enough experience with. Got set up here completely obviously, but I think I played it fine aside from the dubious preflop call which I don't care about.

And about a half dozen coolers like the one above. Fun times.

Just gotta keep on pushing. I always remember thinking during the downswings "man, I wonder if I'll ever get that feeling of winning 10BB/100 over 20k hands again". Then when I'm on said upswing, it's "how the hell could I ever lose at this game? It's so easy." Then the cycle repeats itself. I'm nearing that "what's it feel like to win!?!?" point though :p


Jurn8 said...

Chuck its interesting to see reading your blog and Jared is obviously more than a coach to you seems like he is mentoring you by giving you plans for your day etc etc. IMO they are hard to stick to with set times as something pops up and your whole day goes to shit because of something.

Good to see your working hard at your game and keep us updated with how your rollin'

GL, Jake

The Spore said...

Hey, I'm really enjoying your blog (I'm going back and reading some old posts). I just started building a bankroll and studying a lot more than I have in the past. Anyway, I'm getting a lot of good info from your posts.

Drop by my blog sometime if you care to:


lightning36 said...

I heard a rumor that you played a CardsChat tournament lately? True? I liked having you at the CC games -- you made people sweat!

ChuckTs said...

heh, no, I only played some micro PLO with a few guys. I do miss those tourneys though, may play some in the future.