Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping the ball rolling

When I watched Jared's videos a few months back and tried his warm-up, warm-down and whatever other processes, I remember feeling like it was just too much stuff to do with too little reward. Obviously it didn't stick too long last time and so I didn't get the chance to see it work it's magic, but this time around I feel as if I'm past that initial "aw I gotta do this shit again?" hump and I'm starting to get used to it. I guess it's only been like 2 sessions since I started doing it, but it feels right.

Broke even today, felt like it was a big losing day though to be honest. Most of that feeling definitely spawns from the fact that I find really juicy tables in position on massive fish, but can't capitalize on the table conditions. Ran kinda bad today in the sense that I think the fish showed up with the top of their range (most hands I double barreled I had to fold to a check-raise or a donk or whatever).

Was close to getting tilty but I kept myself in check, stuck to my goals, and I'm happy with myself.

Probably the only hand where tilt really affected my decision was the one in the replayer below. The only real thing was that I didn't think long enough on the river with my decision.

The reason I don't really think the river bluff will work is because he was so fishy that he might not even fold a naked top piar here. Even so, most top pair hands have kickers that hit two pair or even a straight at some point during the hand, so I like just giving up. Blegh, my bet sizing sucks too. There are enough Qx/random other shit in his range to definitely consider it though.

Yeah, now that I'm looking through my database, the only big pot I lost was the one above. Aside from that it was just cbets and double barrels that didn't work. Just one of those days. Take it in stride, and move on.


syracuse44 said...

keep up the good work, love that you are posting more.your blog not only helps you recap your play,and see bad moves, it is good for anyone that reads it.and does the same bad moves as you. thx

Icemonkey9 said...

Maybe this last post was a session where the exercise was in NOT losing -3BB/100 and just breaking even. If that's the case (probably is) then you've improved your bottom line.

The AT hand imo was a definite check at the river, he's a donk who's not folding ANYTHING ever. It's unfortunate you couldn't capitalize on the opportunity, but you'll be in a good mental place to do so next time out.