Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kickin knowledge

Aside from the ongoing discussions in poker forums, here are some of the greatest free resources online for poker strategy. Some of these contain articles that really changed the way I view poker.

-2+2's High stakes NLHE best of section. Haven't read all of it but assume it's good.
-2+2's MTT 'Anthology of Wisdom' section. Gold.
-Mike Caro's (free) University of Poker. Also Gold.
-Cardschat's Golden Archive. Some very nice articles and threads in there.
-Cardschat's articles section
-dbitel videos here and here
-More archived 2+2 links (omg goldmine)
-2+2 PT article
-2+2 Valuetown article

I know there are more, so I'll edit them in later on when I find them.


Anonymous said...

I found Caros University by doing a search for my own blog. Very good resource.

Anonymous said...

So, what's blue or purple Chuck?

Long time no c.

I am, however, sleeping like a baby these days.

Hope you are well.