Thursday, October 25, 2007

Party time

Well thanks to the help of Rex, I've now moved a small amount funds to PartyPoker, mainly for MTTs. I only moved about half of what I originally planned to move there, and I'll probably only be playing the $6s and $11s until I either get more bread on the site, or until I win enough not to have to.

My respective mini-bankrolls on Stars, Mansion, and now Party, have shrunk with my recent downswing and the splitting of my bankroll, so I'll be dropping down in stakes and will start grinding back up the ladder again. I think having bankrolls big enough to play $10 tournaments should be sufficient for me.

I already played one $6 MTT on Party, and loved the action. I'm not sure if Party really is looser than everywhere else (namely stars), or if it's just its reputation that's making me think so. Anyways, I played the $6 MTT, getting involved in two - count 'em - two hands total. I opened with JJ early on, got seemingly more callers than there were players behind me, and shut down on an AK9 flop. Later on, the blinds got to 50/100, the table was still in ultra-donkey mode, and I picked up AKo. Long story short, I get my 25BB stack in with AKo against an AA who limped behind in a 5-way limped pot, and I'm busto.


I also played a $6.50/18-seater on Stars, and played well on top of getting great cards. Another super-monkey got to the final two with me, and we end up getting our effective 10BB stacks in with my AT losing to his KT.


Anyways, I'm really looking forward to starting the low-limit grind again for whatever reason. I'll be playing lots of $4/180s, $6 and $10 multi-table SnGs on Stars, and the occasional $6 or $11 MTT on Party. Not to mention the .5/1 on Stars when I take in everything from SSH. Hopefully I can get my funds out of Mansion, but the bastards purposely make it as difficult as possible.

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Vanq said...

Let's make a FT on PP this week.