Friday, October 26, 2007

More to poker than Hold'em

I hadn't played anything but NLHE or FLHE for ages. Yesterday, skoldpadda posted a brag thread of a very nice draw (and pot) he had in an OH8 game. It reminded me just how profitable those games are when you play nothing but a tight, mechanical style.

I had a little case of insomnia last night as well, so I thought I might play some Razz. GOOD idea.

The table was ridiculously bad. There was maybe one good player, but he soon admitted he was hitting the bottle and his play got increasingly worse. Players would call raises with J+ doorcards, would call any number of bets on later streets if they started with three small cards (and would sometimes raise lol), and would reraise my aggression with xx8 or 7 showing against my xx3. One particularly hilarious player would complete her bring-in every time with J-K doorcards. I don't know if she didn't know that she could just bring-in, or if she was doing some kind of odd protection play.

Anyways, I finished the session with about four times my $20 buyin. I ran good (ok, great), but really these games are so soft it's laughable. Pleeeeeease go and play .5/1 Razz on Stars if you have any knowledge of the game. I wish I could provide a PT graph, but I only have PT Hold'em, and it obviously can't import stud hands.

Here's one of the bigger pots of the night:

Hand #12853227363
*Razz* ($0.50/$1.00), Ante $0.05, Bring-In $0.25

*3rd Street* - (0.70 SB)

Jongej: xx xx 8s___raises___calls
frasse85: xx xx 6d___folds
FunkedUp: xx xx Tc___folds
LilMoRock: xx xx Js___*brings-in*___folds
ckspinner: xx xx 7c___raises___calls___calls
Hero: 5d 3s 4d___raises___raises
Romedawg: xx xx Ac___calls___calls

*4th Street* - (17.20 SB)

Jongej: xx xx 8s 6c___bets___raises___calls $0.40 and is all-in
ckspinner: xx xx 7c 3c___calls___raises
Hero: 5d 3s 4d Ad___raises___calls
Romedawg: xx xx Ac 3d___*checks*___calls___calls

*5th Street* - (16.50 BB)

Jongej: xx xx 8s 6c 9c___all-in
ckspinner: xx xx 7c 3c Kh___*checks*
Hero: 5d 3s 4d Ad Th___checks [didn't realize Jongej was AI; should have bet]
Romedawg: xx xx Ac 3d As___checks

*6th Street* - (16.50 BB)

Jongej: xx xx 8s 6c 9c Jc___all-in
ckspinner: xx xx 7c 3c Kh Qc___*checks*___calls
hero: 5d 3s 4d Ad Th Qs___checks___calls
Romedawg: xx xx Ac 3d As 6h___bets

*River* - (19.50 BB)

Jongej: xx xx 8s 6c 9c Jc xx___all-in
ckspinner: xx xx 7c 3c Kh Qc xx___*checks*___calls___folds
Hero: 5d 3s 4d Ad Th Qs 2d___checks___raises___raises
Romedawg: xx xx Ac 3d As 6h xx___bets___raises___calls

*Total pot:* (28.50 BB)

Jongej mucked [Ah Jh 8s 6c 9c Jc 4c]
Romedawg mucked [7s 4s Ac 3d As 6h 5h]

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