Monday, February 18, 2008

Board games, profit and headaches

Had another short session today and it went well. Ran at a nice ~35ptbb/100 for over a buyin and a half in profit; I actually recorded the session but my narrative was really sloppy. I think I'm going to wait until I smoothen it out a little before I post a video, but I'll have one up soon enough.

We're around half-way through the month as well, so I'll give you guys an updated graph here of the month's progress so far. Lately things haven't been going to quickly, but overall my results have been great:

My brain was absolute mush for the last week or so - as I mentioned, I've been on a binge for a few days and it was really starting to make me feel shitty, so I slowed down on Saturday and had a quiet night with my buddies. We actually played chess and other board games for a while - completely sober I might add - which was kind of odd since we're more of the killa12packasfastasyoucanandrunarounddowntown type. Anyways it was actually a lot of fun and we've all developed a small addiction to board games.

On a 'real life' note, my family's having some issues at the moment, and it looks like I might be moving into my own place some time soon...ish. Big 'might', and big 'ish' there though. I'm not sure if I'd get a place with my younger brother or with a friend, but either way it could prove to be some quality (read: entertaining) blogging material. Either way some big changes are on the horizon in my life and I really don't know what's going to happen, but right now I feel good and that's all that matters.

I think 'changes' suits the mood nicely right now:


Anonymous said...

name board games. i have been a fan for a few years now (actually a while before i even knew poker was fun), so i could give you some suggestions maybe, or get yours. :-D

ChuckTs said...

Chess, scrabble, pente (v simple & fun), yahtzee...that's all we played but I've got more :p

Zach said...

$1775 in half a month over 13k hands is not bad at all, great job, hope to see you continue. That's really good money for something (I hope) you enjoy doing and are playing for fun.

Jake said...

Chuck you should totally play Risk. It's so bloody addictive (and yes, does take up hours/days). Probably the most competitive, tactical game around plus it's centred around what I'm best at - taking over the world! (one day soon...)

ChuckTs said...

YES risk (and axis & allies) is such a dope game. I'd forgotten about that one, thanks jake.