Saturday, February 9, 2008

Partying, the CC team event and more 100nl

Well I'm feeling a little shitty about last night. Long story short I went to a big frat/douchebag party last night, nearly fought two assholes, drank my face off and woke up this morning feeling like dying. I got pretty wrecked (all you can drink will do that to you) and am still getting over my hangover. I did see a few people that I hadn't seen in a long time though which was cool. Anyways, I ended up staying up til 6 or 7 am at a friend's house, passed out, woke up at 2 in the afternoon today, and trekked my way home just in time for the first cardschat team event (thanks for the reminder, Captain Stick!).

The event was a standard $5 MTT with 46 runners; I ended up in 12th after building my stack nicely, losing a big race (AK vs QQ) which crippled me, running into a hand on a blind steal and then busting shortly after. On one hand I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next event (HU series tomorrow), but on the other hand I was reminded why I hate tourneys so much. Just so much variance. I kept looking for the reload button :p

But ya, it was tons of fun. I hadn't played in a single cc event in ages and it just reminded me how much of a good time it is with those guys.

Anyways congrats to all who cashed and jay who won it for team sausage!

After the event I did some stuff at home (read: moan and complain about my headache) and then sat down for a good ~1400 hand session of 100nl and scraped out a nice profit. Like I've mentioned before, I'm finally out of my 'settling in' stage for these stakes, and I'm actually playing my game. I've been playing a little more lately; the weird thing is that while playing I feel like I'm getting my ass handed to me with beats and coolers, but at the end of the day I play well enough otherwise to scrape out like 5PTBB/100 most sessions now which is great.

I realize I haven't updated you guys with a graph or anything like that in a while, so here it is. 100nl FR and a little bit of 25nl 6-max. Graph 1 is in $, graph 2 in BBs:

That first monster spike in the graph is from 25nl 6-max...something I think I'll be trying more in the near future (probably at 50 or 100nl though).

Once again I'm well on my way to gold, but I think the issue in terms of VIP stuffs is whether I'll make platinum this month. I think once I do I'll be able to maintain it easily since it'll give me an FPP earning bonus (%150) and earning the 10k FPPs per month should be a breeze from then on. It's just a matter of getting over the hump the first month by playing enough hands.

I thought I'd decided on what I wanted to buy with my FPPs earlier (24" monitor), but I think I've reconsidered. I really don't need another monitor to be honest, but I'm really not sure what else I want from the store. I think maybe I'll just save them up and whenever I get the craving for a new toy I'll dip into them and see what I like.

Anyways I finally saw Darjeeling Limited (BIG fan of Wes Anderson), and loved it. Similar to his other movies it was kind of dark, funny and emo-ish and I thought it was great. It's all about the little things in his films. Things like "Anne-Marie, do the interns get glocks?", and "Where are the savory snacks?". Anyways here's the trailer. Watch the movie if you haven't yet. And all of Wes' other flicks too for that matter, he's a genius.

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Fredrik Paulsson said...

It's comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who was outrageously hungover this weekend.


It's the "base VPPs" that count towards your level, but it's the FPPs that you earn more of. Maintaining platinum is no easier than getting it, unfortunately. :(

And if I may interject with a piece of advice: Try not to make chasing FPPs a goal in life; it sucked pretty badly for me at the end of last year. ;)