Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New look

Well I haven't played much since my last post. Not sure why; I've probably been watching more stox videos and studying a little more than I normally do, but either way I've only really logged 300 hands or so. Thankfully they were part of a very nice, short sunday night session (god I love the action on sundays):

Even though I've been playing a little less lately, my overall progress is just great. I'm now a little over a buyin away from reaching $4k in winnings since starting full ring last December (which tbh feels like I just started yesterday), and I'm very proud.

Unfortunately the grand I tried to cash out has gotten in a mixup and has been delayed:

Hello Taylor,

We regret to inform you that due to a technical error your 1,007.53 CAD
check was
sent to you by regular mail. Please allow 15 business days for check

I have credited 300 FPPs to your account for the inconvenience.

We apologize for the delays in receiving these funds.


Steven T
PokerStars Payment Services
So now I have to wait 2+ weeks for the damn cheque, and am already broke as it is - I literally have a $20 here to last me that long, and that was borrowed :(

Anyways, back to poker, I plan on playing a bit tonight and I'll edit in a screenshot of my progress.

Oh, I've also grown kind of bored with my blog's look and decided to add a nice background, as well as a few other minor changes. Let me know what you think; I'll think about changing it back if you guys really don't like it.

Well, off to the tables. I just might record a vid (no mic still) and post it, so I'll update that too.


Anonymous said...

new look is decent, just do something about the dates of the posts - those are really hard to see now.
(wow, this is the first time i see i can sign with an openID - and just so you know, my blog has practically nothing to do with poker)

Anonymous said...

i think it was fine the way it was...you should try another look if you really want change or go back to the classic view.