Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ed's next student?

Stoxpoker is holding an interesting competition called the "Stoxpoker Project". Basically it's a promotion wherein 3 of the most 'qualified' premium members (I'm still not sure what qualifies as qualifications, heh) get a chance to get coached by a Stoxpoker pro. I've put in my self-nomination for small stakes player here, and to be honest I think I have a very good shot at winning this.

From the above link:

We are selecting 3 Premium Members to be a part of the "Stoxpoker Project".

A Small Stakes player (to be coached by Ed Miller).

A SNG or MTT player (to be coached by Collin or Matt).

A mid-stakes player that is ready to advance his Limit AND No-Limit games to high-stakes. (to be coached by Nick, Bryce, Dusty, and Kyle).

Every month for the next 12 months, we will have a featured video from each of the participants where we coach them as part of "The Stoxpoker Project". The video will consist of specific hands that the member has submitted along with audio set-up of the hands and even open questions to the coaches for him that month. In the published video, you will hear the advice and suggestions that the coaches provided the participant.

Each Stoxpoker Project member will post a blog each month where you can peak inside as he reveals his achievements, set-backs, personal struggles, and goals for the next month.

Coaching from Ed would obviously be invaluable for me and I can only pray I win this as it would really get me going. By my account I'm already a solid winner, but his coaching would only build on the basis of knowledge I already have and get me ready for 200nl and up.

I'm not sure how the selection process goes, but if there's any way for you guys to vote I'd appreciate you doing so with every ounce of my body :)

Anyways on to my progress...

After running at around -1PTBB/100 for my first 13k hands of 100nl, I've turned it right around and have been running at a very solid 5PTBB/100 since (another 13k hands) and have ballooned my bankroll to more than 4k. I actually just made a withdrawal because I need some money here in real life, so a nice $1000 cheque is on it's way in 'less than 7 business days'. That'll give me some dough to fix some of the things I've been meaning to do the last while (update my passport, get my G1, pick up Professional No Limit Holdem, pick up a new headset, reload my cell with minutes, etc etc).

Anyways, life is good, and even if I don't win this competition I'm past my 'settle-in' time for 100nl, am extremely confident at the moment, and that's all that matters.


Munchrs said...

Very Good application blog on Stox.

You certainly come across as the eager and enthusastic student who has some success but wants more success and wants to improve. Well written!

Hope you get it, and take your game up another notch as you are already a great player.

Anonymous said...

Chuck what's a G1?

ChuckTs said...

G1 is the first step to getting your full drivers license here in ontario.

It goes G1 (must drive with a G-class driver), G2 (basically fully licensed except you can't have any alcohol in your system), then G (fully licensed, allowed to have 2 drinks or whatever).