Sunday, February 3, 2008

Turning it back around

For a while there, despite feeling a lot better about my game, the beats and coolers just kept rolling in. I was starting to doubt whether I was playing fine and just on a cooler, or if I was actually playing so bad that I was a losing player at 100nl. After my last post I started to play a lot better but couldn't seem to crack even with most of my sessions. They all seemed to be either slightly up, or slightly down.

I ended up making a few adjustments to my game, namely playing more aggressively and bringing my stats from roughly 14/8/3 to like 14/11.5/4. I'm finding that either a lot of the regulars are more weak and passive than I once thought, or I'm getting better at bluffing/playing my position and I'm getting stronger than I used to be. Anyways aside from today's fun it hadn't yet translated into results; only break-even sessions.

Today was a nice breakthrough session for me though. Unfortunately the event that sparked it was stacking tenbob after we got into some heated battles at a 100nl table. We both know each other quite well, and have played together quite a few times in the past; that of course leads to us trying to beat each other up as badly as we can. Anyways after a few hands against him with plenty of steals and resteals going both ways, we eventually played this hand where I was lucky enough to have trips the same hand he decided to run his biggest bluff of the session on me.

After running quite well for the rest of the day after that boost of confidence, I ended the day up quite a bit - nearly 5 buyins:

Well obviously it's much easier to feel like I'm playing better now, but even back when I was breaking even/losing, I still felt as though my game was taking some strong steps forward. I'm able to deal with the regulars a lot better now, basically pushing most of them around, and the fishies are just my bread and butter.

The bankroll's up past $3k for the first time ever, and I'm feelin goot! Gonna have to make another cashout soon though.

On a side note, I went out for a few drinks and then wound the night down with some all you can eat sushi last night. Needless to say, after downing what seems like 50 pieces of sushi last night I've been shitting bricks of rice all day, but man do I love that place. $15 all you can eat is heaven to me. Just talking about it is making me hungry.

Anyways I've got a few things to do this week, but aside from that I'll have plenty time to play poker. I'll keep you guys updated.

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tenbob said...

Raw fish sucks. Nice timing against me last night, that hand put me $600 in the hole for the day, and on monkey tilt. Kinda dont mind today though, chasing losses netted me a $1000 upswing though, so i suppose i better thank you.

It was still a good bluff though, just bad timing.