Sunday, February 17, 2008

Breaking even

Another quicky - unfortunately I don't have much to update you with in terms of poker as I've been on a binge for the last few days and to be honest don't even feel like playing poker right now.

I played in today's team event at cardschat ($5 NLHE) and placed 3rd which was nice. I played fairly aggressively throughout the whole match and after Rex pounded me down a few times I finally found some great spots and rebuilt my stack to a comfortable ~20bbs. I then went on a blind-stealing spree and after getting lucky in a few spots where I had to make pot odds calls, I found myself at the top of the leaderboard. I carried that into the final table where I took a few hits but managed to get 3-way with skoldpadda and dakota. I switched to 5th gear and started to really pound on the blinds, eventually finding myself with KK vs skold's stop 'n' go which rivered a straight. Anyways in the end I busted out in 3rd for some nice points for team sausage, and made like $10 while doing so. I was really happy with how I played and got a little unlucky in the end, but can't take anything away from skold and daks who played great themselves.

I also played around 1000 hands of break-even 100nl the other day but it was pretty uneventful. Unfortunately I'm really not in the mood to play today (sunday, aka the juiciest day of the week) so I'll be missing out on some action.

A few side notes - for one, I've reverted back to the plain ol' white background here on my blog until I find out how to make everything look really schnazzy. I've also split up the monthly summaries into separate posts so that you guys can actually see the updates when I make them as opposed to having to dig up the one single post. I know, I'm a nit-picker.

Looks like I'm not exactly on-pace for platinum this month but it's still definitely possible (13k hands to play by my calculations). I'll be playing a lot more in the near future hopefully and I'll let you guys know how it goes after my head stops throbbing.

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tenbob said...

Break even sessions can be fustrating as hell, at least your not down any, though and you got some FPP value.