Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bloody Sunday

Perfect timing for another downswing - just after I've regained my confidence. If I was mentally handicapped as most of the 'rigged' believers were, I'd be insisting I was doomswitched today. The day started fine with a ~$150 profit through a few hundred hands, but soon went on a very steep downhill nosedive.

Overpair runs into set. Set runs into bigger set. Second nut flush runs into nut flush. Trips vs trips, he spikes his kicker on the river. All for stacks. Countless other smaller 20-60bb pots where I made thin-ish value bets that happened to run into more of what seemed like nightmarish miracles.

Ah well. I insist I played fine, if not great today, but I can't say I'm not steaming like a pile of dog shit in the middle of Siberia. Grr.

Well needless to say I'm done for the day and I'm not sure I'll have calmed down by tomorrow. I don't know what it is about Sundays - they're by far the juiciest day of the week but I can't remember the last time I won on one, and I all my record biggest losses were on Sundays. Grumble grumble.


icemonkey9 said...

Brutal day man, I'm sorry to read what happened to ya. Maybe you should avoid Sundays for a while?

Jake said...

sunday = most traffic --> most riggage by the sites to make tourists think they're winning players. It's a well recognised phenomenon :(.