Monday, March 17, 2008

Mid-month review

Considering it contained some of my worst days ever, it shouldn't be a surprise that this month's results aren't spectacular. I've gone through some pretty big changes with respect to managing my downswings and the associated tilt better, and feel that I could be growing more as a player, but it's a little tough to maintain a confident outlook based on the results I'm seeing. I can't imagine how pros go through multi-month downswings and keep their head clear.

Even so, this feels like the worst month I've ever had and I'm still crushing my monthly totals from pre-december (ie pre-ring game). It's all relative. I'm looking at pros like Leatherass and wondering how they can complain about 'only' making $10,000 in a month, or even breaking even (which means they made hundreds in rakeback/fpps). I'm sure some freeroller is looking at me and wondering how the hell I can complain when I'm still up $300.

Anyways it's been pretty demoralizing. I've essentially broke even since that nasty dip last Sunday and although I know I'm playing well, it's hard to trek on. meh, I'll manage.

The month thus far:

  • Ran at 0.9ptbb/100
  • Half-way to platinum
  • Losing confidence!!!
Thinking about dropping to 50nl, adding more tables and just nut-peddling if this goes on much longer. 50nl's $33.50/hr is much more enticing than 100nl's $22/hr thus far. It was a lot easier too.

I'm getting a new apartment soon (actually going to look at one today), and will most probably be splitting it 3-way with my dad and brother. If it all works out, me and my brother will be paying like a few hundred per month in rent and bills, my father covering the rest. I'm confident I can make more than enough to cover those expenses plus pocket change, so I really have nothing to worry about. Even if I do fail tragically, I can go and work part-time and still make enough to cover the apartment and then some.


skoldpadda said...

Hang tight, T!

Jake said...

It really takes something to suck it up and get back to the grind after such a swing. Me = v.v.impressed - keep it up and keep mentally progressing :D.

(ps. is there an argument for sticking with 100nl to reach platinum or would you be multi-tabling to an extent at 50nl that it wouldn't make a significant difference?)

Zach said...

I understand what you mean, last year $7/hour at my job was amazing, now if I averaged that it would be extremely disappointing. Hopefully I can get to the point where I think averaging $600/month is pretty bad :).

Anyway I looked at the one link to the stoxpoker thingy and found it kind of funny him talking about how his uncle told him he'd be begging for a place to stay after he decided to go pro and thought about asking him if he wanted to flip a coin for his net worth.

And look at your FPP points as profits as well. Although you're only up $300 so far on the month, I'd wager that you are up at least that in FPP points that you could use towards a purchase or towards a cash bonus as well, especially if you are already platinum, and if not you'll soon be at that point.

Keep it up though, it's your decision whether to stick with 100nl or go back down to 50nl where you know you can win and currently win more than at 100nl. I assume you're saying it's because of a skill difference and not you being off your game or going on a downswing at 100nl. Long-term, especially if you're still profitting, it seems like it would be best to play at 100nl and aim at getting better, but then again if you're satisfied with the money ($30+/hour for someone not interested in playing as a primary source of income is damn good) there's also the argument to stick to where you know you can win.

Anyway good luck whatever you decide to do, enjoy reading your blog.