Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well I'm glad I finally broke down that psychological barrier. I've already explained all the crap I went through and the ensuing monkey tilt, and finally it seems to have subsided. I still ran into a couple nasty spots today, but all in all had what I think is my record high for a day's profits raking in $440 through about 2300 hands. Very very happy.

So I'm back on track, have conquered the tilt monster again and can't wipe the smile off my face. It's funny how variance can have such a strong hold on your emotions. One day I'm doubting if I can play profitable poker any more, the next I'm a king and don't ever need a dayjob :p

Some side notes (to self): study and practice postflop bluffing and semibluffing, pay internet bills, withdraw another good chunk of your BR and buy lots of booze for this weekend in Guelph (friend playing concert, yay!)

EDIT: oh, on another side note I've decided to use my FPPs to buy myself that Canon Rebel digital SLR camera. I've had the urge to get into photography for quite a while now, and if it all turns out alright I'll be updating you guys with (hopefully) great photos along with my poker progress :) Well that is unless I change my mind by the time I get this thing, which I often do (remember the 24" samsung monitor?). ~40k FPPs in the bank, 59k for the camera. We'll see...

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