Friday, March 28, 2008

Moving, 6-max and more videos

6-max, here I come!

I'm not sure if this is a permanent thing, but I've officially decided to dip into 6-max. As it stands right now my bankroll can just barely support playing 100nl, but I'm going to stick to 50nl as I'm still a newbie to 6-max and will need plenty of time to learn.

Shorthanded play tends to have a lot more loose players who seem to play a lot worse in general. I've run into a few tough players who run a ~25/20 game and who seem to bluff and float fairly well and I'll need tons of experience and practice to get better at dealing with them, but the fish are just ridiculous. I've run into a few ridiculous hands which just leave me wondering what type of winrate is possible at these stakes with proper table selection. This is how I'm running so far...

(swingy much?), and I know I can do better. The big 1500-hand dip there is due mostly to bad play and tilt on my part, and I know I can smarten up and play better. I ran incredibly hot (47ptbb/100) for my that little while before it, and got a little overconfident. I ended up pulling too many squeeze plays, raising too much in position, and generally just running into hands.

Big sweaty videos

I started a low-limit study group thread over at cardschat and it sparked a lot of interest. I've spoken to both Zach and Jagsti, and they've both shown interest in playing (and recording) some sweat sessions. I figure I'll play full ring with Zach and 6-max with Jagsti, as that's what they both play respectively. They're both pretty intelligent guys, and the videos should spark some good discussion in the forums. I've never done a sweat session before, but I did do a small coaching session with Tygran, also of cardschat, and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully if this all goes well we can make this a regular thing. I just finished a small ~1 hour session of 6-max that went pretty well; you can see the video with commentary in cardschat's video section as soon as I get it uploaded.


As I've mentioned before, my mom has been moving locations with her business, and I've been stuck helping her pack and move everything. Two days ago I had to smash up and move a bunch of old casts (she's in orthopedics) and managed to throw my back out for what seems like the 200th time. I busted my back up pretty badly back in my hockey-playing days, and it still hasn't fully healed. I can't imagine what a mess I'll be when I'm older. Sigh.

Spring still isn't here, but if the weather report is in any way accurate (which, according to last week's report, it isn't) spring should be here any day now. I'm jumping with joy, no more winter depression! Weee!

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SavagePenguin said...

How many 6-max tables are you playing at a time now?