Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A winning day in more than one way

I guess saying as how this is a poker blog you'd like to hear that news first: I had a winning day!

I've been running so bad lately (sorry for the whining) that I truly lost all confidence that I was still a winning player. Looking at my 100nl graph, I've basically been on a break-even stretch for 15,000 hands and obviously it's really getting to me. I've heard of 50k hand stretches from people who also 8-table, and I can't imagine the emotional stress I'll go through when or if that happens if I can barely deal with a 15k stretch. Leatherass, resident ~5000nl pro, hired a golf/sports psychologist to help him deal with the stress and control his emotions better, and although I have nowhere near enough money to do that myself, it's VERY tempting :p

So I played today for the first time in a few days and managed to actually log a winning session. I played some 50nl 6-max first, losing two buyins to coolers but otherwise played well. I took a break, decided I needed to clear my head before I started to test 6-max (although I think I'm getting used to it), and booted up 8 tables of 100nl to see if I could grind out a profit, and I did despite more beats. I actually recorded the session with some commentary and I'll have it posted in both the cardschat and stoxpoker forums soon enough - it's rendering as I speak.

In other news, I'm moving out! Well actually I'm moving out of my mother's house to get a loft with my dad and possibly my brother, but it's exciting regardless. My father and I have lived in separate houses for the last 12 years or so and he's actually more of a friend than a dad to me. We found a few places that were relatively good-looking, but the one my dad called me about today takes the cake. We've all but got in on lock, and the only thing holding us back is the current tenant moving out.

It's twice the size of the biggest place we looked at, and actually less in rent. According to my dad's friend it's in immaculate condition. The best part is that we have a spiral staircase leading to the roof. Nobody else has access to the roof, so it's like having 2000 sq ft more outdoor room added on to the apartment. It even has a small windowed shed on the roof where the last owner apparently ate breakfast every day. Even if my brother decides to bail out on this which it sounds like he might, the rent will still be ridiculously affordable for us both. It's less than $1500 inclusive, and my dad's said he'll cover the majority of it. I expect to pitch something like $600 monthly for both rent and food/bills etc and that's well within my budget. Anyways I rant a little bit in the video about it, I'm just very excited at the moment and can't contain it :)

Here's my 100nl thus far, and I've picked up some more confidence which is paramount to my success if my previous experience means anything so hopefully we see a nice upward graph soon. Getting sick of this break-even BS. I'm not even seeing it as staying even, I'm seeing it as potential winnings NOT WON! GRR! :)

Anyways I just want to get back to my 5.7ptbb/100 crushing ways that I was running at in between my 'settling in' period and my recent swing. That was a lot more fun.

On another side note, spring is coming!!! Forecast says it probably won't actually get 'warm' until the beginning of next month, but Toronto weather is about as unpredictable as my swings, so I seriously wouldn't be surprised to see one more crazy snowstorm before the birds and the bees show up. Most non-Canadians don't understand the sheer excitement we get from spring. Winter can get very depressing and this is easily the best time of the year. Screw Christmas and birthdays, this is when the spring sun literally forces you to smile and be in a good mood. Can't wait.

On ANOTHER side note, I'm thinking twice about getting the SLR camera already :p It's something that I definitely WANT, but I'm not sure it's something I can afford. Sure, points are points, but I could get myself something that could be an asset as opposed to a liability. Something like a 24" samsung monitor that would increase my winrate multiple times...

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Zach said...

If you're going to get the 24" monitor, I wouldn't buy it through pokerstars. I found a 24" monitor similar to the pokerstars one for $350 at a store near my house. Meanwhile, you can use 50k FPPs, less than the 55k to get the monitor, and get a $650 bonus (assuming you do get platinum this month), just a tad bit more than that $350. Not sure if there's something else that would exceed the value of the points used to buy it, but I'm leaning towards using them for the straight cash bonuses. But man I can't wait to get that 24" monitor :)