Saturday, March 1, 2008

February review

Well even with my terrible streak in the last three days, I've still managed to make a record month in February and it's unfortunate I'm in such a bad mood that I can't appreciate it. It seems like the tilt is getting to me a little more often lately and I've been looking at ways to reduce it's effect and control it more.

Apologies for any lack of posts in the near future but I think it's break time for me, plus I have some stuff to attend to in real life anyways.

February 08:

  • Played 19k hands of 100nl, 25nl 6-max and 100nl 6-max running at 5.7PTBB/100
  • Maintained Gold status, failed miserably at achieving Platinum due to small number of hands
  • Started considering playing 6-max more
  • 6-tabled more than I 8-tabled; thought it would help but results say otherwise
  • Peaked at $2,240 on the month, ended up netting a record $1,583 in profits

Goals for March 08:

Well to be honest I'm really not sure what I'm looking to achieve next month. I'd like to play a lot more hands (maybe 30k) and of course break my previous record for monthly profit, but I'm not sure I'll be able to with real life issues keeping me busy and stressed out. I guess I'll update the blog when I figure out what it is I should aim to achieve.

On a side note it looks like I won't win the Stoxpoker Project competition as ActionStan has a huge lead on both me and InsQQmniac. It's unfortunate as coaching from Ed Miller really would have been invaluable to my game, but I'll lick my wounds and keep on truckin'. ActionStan probably is the best candidate for the job, although I feel he needs a lot less help than me :p Anyways I wish him all the best since barring a miracle he's going to win this, and we'll all benefit from his shared experience over at Stox anyways.

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