Thursday, July 24, 2008

1,026 hands

Possible coaching

Stosh of stoxpoker has made an announcement that he's going to be accepting up to two students to be coached by him. I've said for a while that I've been wanting to make the move to 6-max, and although I have no doubt in my mind that he would help, I'm already starting to rethink buying up a spot after putting in an application last night. The first thing that's detracting me is his price: 200/hr for a minimum of 4 hours. That's reasonable in the coaching world, but for someone who's playing 100nl, that's eight buyins for the first 4 sessions. Like I said, I have no doubt in my mind that it will help my game, but to what degree, I'm not sure.

As I mentioned before, I live completely off my bankroll. Taking that new leap down 6-max lane is going to be a swingy one to say the least, and I'm not sure I'm prepared to take those swings after finding such a good, consistent niche in full ring. I mean taking his lessons would knock me back for nearly 1/5th of my bankroll :O

Anyways, definitely something to consider, and I'm filling out his 'official' application form right now.

Session analysis

Tygran of cardschat sent me some hand histories and I made a video out of it, unfortunately as usual my commentary is a little scattered.


Don't ask me what sparked it, but I got a massive craving for the board game Risk. Bought it last night for a hefty $30, and my brother and I had a quick game before passing out. The basis of how it works is essentially you try to take over the world in a series of wars and battles decided in part by strategy, in part by luck. Each battle sees a maximum of 3 attackers and 2 defenders go at it, rolling dice to determine who lives and who dies. The geeky poker player in me noticed the fact that you could actually look at it in it's entirety as a game of EV. Each potential attack you make has a certain EV depending on how many pieces you and your opponent has. Obviously the fewer you have and the more he has, the more likely it is you come out with a loss, and vice versa.

Unfortunately I have yet to solve the EV game and my brother whooped my ass.

Really fun game though, and now that we've figured out most of the game (it gets pretty complicated), next game will be even more fun.

In terms of my poker progress, well I've been lazy again, only 1000 hands as the post title suggests. Fortunately I just cracked 50k fpps and bought a $650 bonus, so that will provide enough motivation for me to play in the next while. I plan on playing a bit today, maybe I'll update with a post later on.

Icemonkey commented in my last post that I should treat poker like a job, and he's absolutely right. I don't think I can stick to a schedule due to my scattered life atm, but putting in more hands is just as good.

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Zach said...

Secret to winning Risk: take the continent of Australia first, expand from there.