Thursday, July 10, 2008

Up in 6max, down in FR? wat?

Seriously. I ran and played well in 6max. And lost in FR. Go figure, must be bizarro day or something.

Well really I haven't played much. This was but today's results. Also tried recording some of the sessions for videos, but my commentary sounded like sloth from the goonies or something. 6max does a number on my brain. I managed 6 tables fine, but doing the commentary on top just wouldn't work. I think eventually playing like 9 would be ideal, but for now 6 at 6max seems like the equivalent of 12 at full ring.

I first played 50nl, then split it with 50nl and 100nl, and ran pretty well. I definitely have things to work on, including when it's ok to stack with hands like this one below. The guy was aggro (28/22 or something), we had a little bit of history and I feel like this is standard at 6max. In full ring this would be much closer to spewy than standard.

Not many other interesting hands I can find atm except this one from the FR session. I was definitely tilting at that time, but I don't think it's that terrible. The guy is an aggressive reg who's very stealy and against whom I have lots of history, let me know what you think.

In other news I got what I've recently found out is called 'door-prized', ie having someone in a parked car open their door into your bike lane and getting royally fucked. The guy was nice enough and made sure I was alright, but I've been pretty beat up for the last few days, my bike got mashed, and now it sounds like it's going to be about $150 in repairs which the driver is getting hesitant about paying. It'll all work out though, I have connections with the bike shop and they'll both give me a deal on the bike, plus they'll let me know what I can do about the guy if he doesn't pay. Still, my knuckles, which got crushed right into the corner of the door, and my shoulders are still bruised up and cut, and I hurt like fuck.

So life has been kind of busy, even on top of having to run these bike errands and playing phone tag with the guy who doored me. An old high school friend had his birthday the other day, we had a small get-together at a bar and got nice and pie-faced. We were already drunk on the way down, then got pitchers there and decided to play quarters. I swear to god, about %75 of the quarters landed in my glass. Don't remember (apparently) going to eat food after, don't remember getting home, didn't remember where I was or what I did the night before in the morning, and it basically took all day to gather my thoughts. Good times.

Shit's been getting pretty expensive (bike, broken speed bag platform, more new clothes, beer and drugs, whatever I can't remember spending when I'm drunk or high, etc) and I might have to get another withdrawal soon which sucks. I think 200nl will have to hold. 6max has a hold of me anyways.


Jay said...

Hand 1 Chuck, is uber standard. Thats like flush draw like always there imo. Good to see you making the transition to 6max.

bw07507 said...

too bad about the bike incident chuck. The 6max hand is an easy stack against an aggro villain like that i think. The 2nd hand isn't terrible, villain played it pretty well.