Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A milestone followed by a great day

First off I just crossed the 10k mark in profits since starting rings in December. The landmark doesn't really mean anything, like in comparison to making a successful move to 200nl or something like that for example, but I think afit kind of signifies my semi-long-term succes thus far in the rings. Had I stuck to tournies and never joined stox back in Dec, I would probably still be stuck at the $16 STTs right now pulling my hair out from the bubbles and overall variance. Rings have been good to me to say the least.

Today was quite nice too. Hopped on the tables and 12 tabled for about two and a half hours for 1800+ hands and raked in a fat $562. At certain points in my session I was just picking up ridiculous cards. Like once I had 5 of the 12 tables with QQ or better dealt to me which would have made a nice screenshot. I played pretty well and obviously ran great, so I'm pretty happy right now.

Hands of the day:

Pretty 'standard' 3 barrel bluff. Either he's slowplaying the hell out of me with a set or straight, a (much more likely) marginal made hand like 68, A8 or 99, or a busted draw like 9T or a gutshot. Not something I do every time someone checks to me, but I think this was a pretty ideal spot.

Both opponents are fishy; I just wanted to see a raise on the flop so I could get it in. Pretty shitty spot. My flop erection turned into a 4th street softie.

Villain is lag and very spewy. PF is a little dubious, but I think it's ok since we'll occasionally take it away from him postflop. I won't argue if you say it's a bad call though. Just a set-up, but at this point this guy had taken a few small-medium sized pots from me and then this full-stacked one. Not happy, but I know if he sits there as long as I will, then his money is mine.

I was admittedly tilting here, but I don't see any other way to play this hand. PF is obviously loose and I should probably be folding since I'm steaming and will probably spew a little bit postflop without a draw like this, but as it played out I think it's just another setup. Pair+FD vs OESD+FD and I'm a 2:1 dog. Steaming a little at this point.

Against the KK vs my 77 guy. Finally set him up, and I think a river shove is a good option too. A lot of the time he'll have the Qs-As and won't let go. I think I played it fine, but unfortunately the guy ran away after this hand so I just forgot about him and stuck it to the other couple of 40/30s at the table with some small pots.

This is exactly the type of pot that probably costs me the most, and I'm glad I folded at least the river. I think maybe the turn should even be a fold. The guy was loose-passive-ish and is basically saying "HAY LOL I TARPED YOU WITH A SET" with his turn beluga, but I couldn't let go. Usually I can't let the river go either, so I patted myself on the back for pitching this one.

Call down against a lag. Not sure about this one - I of course had the best hand this time, but I think most of the time I end up seeing an overpair, set, or rivered straight here. Noted how oddly he played his AK with the small bets...

Check stack sizes next time, mmmkay?

Villain is a half-sane lag. Preflop is actually a little spewy since he makes so many postflop plays at the pot, but after his flop bet I seriously laughed out loud. He's just like never doing this with any made hand. The only thing that makes my raise possibly 'bad' is that he could have a draw that he's ready to get it in with, but I think most of his range is smallish pocket pairs that are turning their hand into a bluff, and outright bluffs with missed connectors etc.

Wasn't %100 sure about this one, but I think the best line is to just shove over the top of his raise. Sub in a full stack for his $60 pile and I think it becomes a lot tougher of a decision. As it is now with the flush draw out there I think it's a pretty clear jam and I think his fold meant he probably was either running a complete bluff or was turning some UI pocket pair into a bluff.

Blegh. Thank god he was a weak-tight player and didn't test me on the turn or something. Any thoughts on betting river to bluff out the 3h3x type hands?

Weeee, told you I ran good. Shoving AQ into a cold 4bet isn't standard for me btw, this guy was a maniac ;)

An *almost* blind call-down which makes this look more like the bad play that it really was rather than some genius soul read. Guy was really really floaty and I think there are enough naked tens/outright bluffs to call this, although I again won't argue if you disagree.

Both fish. 83h, sigh.

lol...another bluffy player, hence the calldown. I had him on 9x or a busted straight draw :/

Really random bluff against another semi-lag. Not all that much thought put into this one, but after I just basically gave up on the turn, I decided to bluff the river. Pretty sloppy bluff and I'm not surprised he looked me up with the 8.

I think this is really the only way to play this one too. We've got to 3bet pf, especially with the fishy limpers, but after he 4bets without us having much history and with our stack sizes, I don't see anything but folding being good here...

When in doubt in a big pot and not much showdown value, shove. Well that's what I say anyways, not sure if it's remotely correct, but I didn't like any other option on the turn. Maybe play the flop differently?

Almost done guys, bear with me...

Another setup vs a lag, this time it goes in my favour. I think this is about when the buyins just start rolling in...

Great river, but what do you make of the turn?

Against a seemingly tag player with a small sample size. These ones are a little tough for me and I'm not sure I played this well. This was like the most perfect result I could have hoped for, but most of the time I think we're seeing either JJ for the set, an overpair, or AK which should be folding. So I think either fold pf/call pf and call flop, give up on non-Q turn/call pf and fold postflop are the best options (?).

Top of a fish's range shows up. It think it's a thin valuetown anyways considering he'll have two pair a lot of the time, but I don't hate it considering he was like 75/0.

Yeah, AQo is good against a cold 4bet /END SARCASM

I liked my line here against a semi-light 3bettor. 4betting just doesn't accomplish much as it folds out the smaller pairs and possibly AK and other big cards. It's riskier calling, but we get a lot more value for when he's 3bet with 76s or something and has to cbet. I think I like the ch-r rather than the ch-c because of the flush draw and because I think we have greatly underrepped our hand and can maybe get calls from JJ/TT. Ch-raising a small amount is another option too though...

And that's that. Good session, some weird spots in there. Drop me some input if you actually got through all that. Peace out, hope July's going well for you guys.

Song of the day, always liked these guys. Unfortunately youtube is being gay, and this song can't be embedded, so I'll just link you:

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SavagePenguin said...

T/T vs A/K is on there three times.
Nice post. Though. Congrats on the $10k!