Sunday, July 27, 2008

1,707 hands

Classic track from Pharcyde to kick it off:

Drunken flurry

I guess it was thursday night; I came home after a day of heavy drinking and decided I wanted to play some 6-max. Dropped down to 25nl (you know me and my 6-max history...) and went nuts. I actually tried to make a video of it, but the commentary was just incomprehensible. Not the funny 'omg he's so drunk lol!' commentary; more like "ok so I'm just raising any two on the button....oh I'll 3bet this guy light because....steal that too...because umm wait ok this is a spot I don't want to c-bet...wait what was I saying about this guy over here?". Just scattered.

I did play well though - and very aggro. I only played 200 hands 4-tabling but maintained a 35/32 style and ran at a completely sustainable 48ptbb/100.

So that was a nice way to end the night. Go get drunk, come home and play poker, make up for all your night's booze costs.

Setting records!

Brag: set a new record yesterday
Beat: it was for most money lost in a day :(
Variance: It doesn't hurt (anymore)

Long story short, I ran into some ridiculous beats, then tilted pretty badly for a few more buyins lost. I've been making it a habit of not keeping track of results as closely, but yesterday was a ~-$650 day which was no fun. I definitely ran bad, but I was very very rusty too, especially with my tilt control. I didn't take nearly enough time to think my decisions through and that resulted in a big chunk of my losses.

The hands:

Villain was statless at the time but I recognized him as a regular which meant he probably was tight enough either have 44/22/55 or a bigger flush. Regs just don't ever do this with a deuce, nor do they do it with 99 and other pairs. I guess if he had AA with the Ad or something it could make sense, but the majority of the time I'm seeing a monster here, and although I didn't manage to fold the hand that time, you could see my hesitation in just calling down.

Villain was very aggro and I have no qualms about getting AKs AIPF there, but I don't like my postflop play/bet sizing. Any other options?

EL OH EL. Villain was one of those 80/30s or something, and the cold caller was Coordi, a tight reg. Coordi can't really trap there with a big pair since I won't be 4betting often enough to make it a legit play, so I basically put him on a sloppy set mine hoping I would call behind him. I think pf I could have just shoved, although that's being a little results-oriented. meh.

Shortly thereafter against the same guy. People sometimes get too carried away with pot control and such, but the main factor in how big or small you want a pot to be is how strong your hand is relative to your opponent's calling range. This guy was calling basically any pair/any draw there, so my hand is basically a monster here; I was more than happy to get my whole stack in barring some bad turn/river cards.

Against a reg who loves to 3bet light; I think this is pretty strong here. I don't remember the exact numbers, but a stox coach was talking about how much less likely your opponent is to hold an ace in his hand when you have one in your hand vs when you don't, and it was surprisingly significant enough to make me start 4bet bluffing with small aces like this confidently. Of course villain having an ace in his hand doesn't mean all that much, but since bigger, more dominating aces will (or would normally) be a big part of his 3betting range, it makes 4bet bluffing pretty enticing in those spots.

Let the fun begin. I think this is when tilt starts setting in a little bit.

lol, against a fish. I still don't know what to think of this guy. 3betting KTo, then shutting down with a backdoored two pair? I don't like how I played the flop either. I think I'm getting a little FPS in there, but I figured if I bet, the only real hands that stick around are bigger pairs. If I check, I induce action from a much bigger portion of his range (AK/AJ/smaller pairs) and can then come over the top to end the hand right there. Would like thoughts on this one too.

Against a loose-passive pf player who's slightly aggro postflop. Just sloppy. Remember the $50 bet.

A little thin, but this guy was aggro enough to make it fine iyam. I was far more worried about the cold-caller in between.

Against a 12.5/12.5 shortstacking reg. I have yet to sit down and solve these situations and really should take the time to do it. The decision of whether or not to 3bet (and/or call a shove) is a function of his opening range, his stack size, and the range he'll call a 3bet with (or push over the top, w/e it's all the same when you're that short). If you're a member of stox, you'll recognize the StoxEV program, and I think it's absolutely perfect for these situations. I'll be looking into this situation and maybe others in the next few days and will probably make posts on my findings.

Just brutal. Obviously I'm not going any farther than the turn if he double barrels (he was tag and basically a pf/cbet type player), but the 9 helps. As does the ace, for him. Noted his inability to let go of AA without the spade there vs an obvious beluga.

Well at least these dipshits aren't getting ANY value for their hands. Starting to get pissed regardless at this point.

Remember that $50 bet? Same guy. Pretty terrible call-down and I think I should have double barreled the turn. He'll have 99/88/Tx/gutshots a lot of the time and I think that calls for putting out another bet. It turned out this guy was a lot worse than I'd initially thought - he would peel KT out of position on J8x flops for example. Awesome.

BSB against a somewhat aggressive reg; similar to my style. I think we have a little bit of 3betting history, but regardless I think this is standard.

Checking my HEM, this guy was 43/24 over a small sample size. I don't think there's anything to do other than shove on him.

Thin-ish valuebet against the guy who peeled KJ on the AT7 flop. Shows up with the top-ish of his range again, meh.

Against a 59/20...a little thin but I don't think this was that spewy either.

Now this was spewy. A7 guy was trash and I'm more than happy to get it in against him, but the other guy was a pretty tight reg. I was basically hoping for another big ace in there but really should have slowed down on the turn and check-called or something.

Cue the spew! This is against a very tight reg. PF is spew, calling 3bets without implied odds is something I do often when I'm tilting. I use the excuse "I can steal the pot from him enough of the time postflop to make it worthwhile", but as you can see I suck postflop. Villain's range is basically either AK/KK/AA/99 or QQ-TT, and off the top of my head I think the underpairs are more likely, so basically here I was betting to push them off. I mean QQ can't call a double barrel on that board. Unfortunately it looks like he was either slowplaying a monster or turned his pair into a really weird bluff.

This one against a fish. Really not sure what to think about this, but I'm pretty sure it's just spew. Maybe flat the flop and give up to a double barrel? I dunno.

Probably the only highlight of the night. The guy was aggro, but this was way out there. He instantly pushed the flop, just hilarious.

Just spew pf. (tilt)

And that's it. I went from borderline apeshit yesterday soon after the losses to being a little melancholy later on. Thankfully I had a good friend call me up for a friend-of-a-friend's birthday party. We hit up a bar downtown, had a few beers, then we all went pool hopping for like half an hour before getting kicked out. I hadn't been all summer and it was really refreshing, in a physical sense and a mental one.

I recently bought a $650 bonus with FPPs, so that's coming along nicely and should help me heal my wounds from yesterday. No longer pissed about the losses though which is great. I mean this was literally the single worst day for me in terms of money lost, but I'm already ok with it, and that means I'm progressing in my tilt-control. So believe it or not, I'm content.

Off to eat some (really) late breakfast and I'm gonna get to grinding later on. It's sunday, so I expect to see some sunday mil results out there guys, gl to whoever's playing in the big ones today.

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