Monday, July 21, 2008

I hate results

Especially when they're good. Aside from being pretty busy and not really having much time to play, I've been slacking with the grinding for another reason: because I'm running so good I don't need to 'worry' about logging hands. It's a retarded, worthless reason, but I think it shows a big hole in my game; I keep tab of my results way too closely. I know, it's a good problem to have running so good, but it'll catch up to me. Later this month/next month when I start grinding hard again, I'll be rusty, and barring more luck on my side, I'll probably see some pretty poor results.

I dunno, I don't hate myself completely for this. It's summer, there's a party going on like every other day and I'd much rather be out there having fun than in here in front my my PC on a friday night. I do have most of the day to play, but it seems like every time I sit down, something else pops up to detract me from the tables. Like my dog starts whining, so I have to take him out. Or my stomach starts grumbling, then I go cook & eat something, only to find that I have a ton of shit to do around the house. Then by the time all that's done, I get a call from a friend saying there's a party, so I hit the shower, grab some beer and I'm out the door.

Not to mention this guy who car doored me and my bike is being a really big pain in the ass right now. He's being semi-reasonable with his arguments, but is basically doing everything in his power to delay or avoid paying me for the repairs. There's basically one more straw (proving that the wheels he twisted up are indeed the same price as the ones I replaced them with), and if that doesn't go well then I'm basically taking him to court. I have a family member who's a lawyer, so he can either scare him into paying for my bike, or tear him a new asshole in court. Getting sick of his shit.

So I don't know if you guys remember, but my dad and I were supposed to get an apartment ages ago. That was basically on hiatus until the current tenant found a house to buy/move into, but as it stands now they still haven't moved out and my dad basically withdrew our names from consideration. I'm really not too disappointed to be honest. a) I plan on traveling soon and obviously don't want to get locked down for a one-year lease, b) my dad is extremely unreliable and I'm not sure it would even be a good idea, and c) he's now going to pay back the $950 in first & last rent that I put down, so that'll add a nice pad to my roll.

My good friend (maybe one of the few people I actually could live with) also asked me about getting a place together. I'm not %100 concrete on if or where I'm traveling, but it sounds like he'd want a place at the same time that I'd want to go travel, so I think that's a flop too.

So, on the agenda for the rest of the summer: grind more, save more, party more, go skydiving, go swimming more, grind more. As it stands right now though, my brother left food on my desk, ants are absolutely flooding all over the place, and I'll be hungry after I clean this shit up...

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icemonkey9 said...

Interesting internal psychology post. I think you have to look at poker as your job rather than recreational hobby. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. If it means you miss a party, then that's life, OR just re-adjust your schedule accordingly.

You are young and you should totally have a good time with your life. When "real life" stuff like marriage and a kid come along, you don't get those luxuries (and ideally, you're over them anyways).

You also are an exceptional player and should take advantage of your natural talents and developed skill. Just my advise, friend to friend. Enjoy the summer.