Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Half time

The word of the month is slow. Getting car doored + spending more time with friends + trying more 6max and HU = less poker. I've only played 8k hands so far this month and although my results have been pretty good so far, I'm not really happy with the time I've put into the grind. Apologies for the lack of posts too. Fewer hands = fewer interesting things to write about.

Early on I was just grinding my usual 100nl FR, but I soon got the itch for something different and played a few different games; 50nl-200nl HU, 6max and FR. The first third of the graph is 100nlFR, the next few hundred hands are 200nlFR and 100nl, and then the rest is a mix of HU, 6max and FR again.

Had a nice talk with vanquish about HU and some other stuff. I've been thinking about what comes next in my poker career and he gave me some good advice: basically stick to FR until your bankroll is big enough to take the 'learning swings' of 6m and HU. I think realistically I won't be able to keep myself off the HU and 6max tables, but I'll be playing a lot more FR to pad my bankroll for the swings of the shorter-handed games.

Some random hands for you from the first half July:

Just a terrible call-down. Happened early in my first shot at 200nl, and is a perfect example of what I do when I move up: give way less respect for hands expecting to see everyone bluff me every single hand. Don't ask why, cause I don't know.

...I also tend to run more bluffs.

4bet bluffing an aggro reg.

Pretty standard, and a lovely river.

Standard I guess against a couple of fish.



Then some HU:

That was against that really weird random player I posted about in the forums.

I think I'll actually be posting full sessions at CC and stox which will put all these hands in perspective, so watch for that.

Anyways off to drink more. I've been just shit-faced the last few days and it doesn't stop tonight. Bust out the tanqueray.

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