Thursday, December 20, 2007

~20k hands landmark

Well I've got actually more 25nl hands under my belt than I'd thought - about 11k as it stands now. I've also just reached 9k hands of 50nl and my results are looking nicer and nicer.

My bankroll is probably big enough to move up to 100nl soon (hard to calculate as it's sparsed out over 3 sites + I'm lazy), but I think I'm staying at 50nl for another 10 or 20k hands. I'm doing very well, but like I said I still have leaks that I need to fix, and I'd like to make sure I plug those leaks before I hit 100nl. I could also use some money in my real life here, so I may withdraw some and rebuild at 50nl for a while and take shots at 100nl every so often. We'll see what happens.

Today was supposed to be a whole-day thing but tbh I got lazy. I played for a couple hours, ran a little swingy (several beats, a big cooler, and two big pots where I played like a donkey) but still managed to finish the day $110 up through about a thousand hands. I was a little afraid I'd been doomswitched but it turned around quickly:

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Anyways, all's still going well and I've cracked $1000 since Dec 04 which was when I started this whole FR ordeal. Very very happy :)

Overall graph updated on your right there.


Bombjack said...

Nice work Chuck

Don't be afraid to move up - 100 NL is still full of donks. (Yay!)

Also you don't need to host your graphs on imageshack - you get a better preview by uploading them onto blogger by selecting "file upload". For some reason it gets dumped at the top of the post so you need to cut and paste it into place. The full version then is visible by clicking on the preview.

tenbob said...

Excellent work there Chuck. I still dont get what some people have with playing 6-max games. The FR players are so much weaker, and can stack off so light its unreal.

Oh dont mention the D word, its bad karma :)