Monday, December 10, 2007

Leafs run good = I run good?

Well while the leafs were crushing the lightning tonight in a 6-1 win, I was having fun trying to emulate their success in the 25nl rings. I ran through a good 1500 hand chunk again today 8-tabling at 17BB/100 for a nice in-the-green session which perfectly mirrored last session's ugliness. I did manage to donk off a few big pots (namely this one) but even through those bad plays my good luck and good play brought me a nice $130 day through about three and a half hours of play. I'm sincerely confident that I can crush 25nl if I can plug my somewhat large leaks.

One of them was very evident in that previously linked A4s hand where I couldn't let go of a weak two pair in a situation where it was pretty clear I was up against a bigger two pair or better. My hand literally has a mind of it's own in similarly tricky hands like that and I have to find a way to stop and really think about a hand like that so I can stop getting myself into so many bad spots. I mean I literally said to myself out loud "you're not beating anything at this point that takes his line - just fold", but my hand disobeyed me :(

Anyways I was thinking about moving up to 50nl already - I am bankrolled for it after all - but have opted against it until I rake in a few more thousand hands at 25nl or at least plug those big leaks. That might take a while so we'll see what happens.

On a side note, I've got to get my goddamn driver's license. I've never really needed to use a car - the TTC is fine enough for me and I've never really needed to travel to driving-distance places frequently enough to ever need a car. The thing is that in order to get an electrical apprenticeship, a car is pretty much essential. There's no way I'm going to be able to drive around with someone all day so they can teach me simple little residential jobs etc.

The only catch about getting my driver's license is that the testing centre is so $#*%ing far that you need a car to get there. I suppose I could take the TTC but that'll end up being a whole-day affair. Well I guess I don't spend my time doing anything else that would be more constructive anyways...

Leafs, I heart you, and poker, I heart you too.

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