Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy holidays!

Me and the fam will be having a nice all-day party with plenty of booze, games and strippers - I...I mean caroling. We grabbed a few cases of keiths, stella and corona (blegh), as well as some harder stuff. Me mum baked plenty of goodies to munch on all day. Should be fun though; I'm not sure I'll find time to get any poker in, but tbh I'd rather take a break tomorrow anyways. Come to think of it we could actually get a family poker game going. I'll let you know how that goes if we end up playing :p

Poker's going well still. My last few sessions have been a little swingier than I'd like, but I still haven't really had a significant losing day since I started 50nl. I started today off with some ugliness (both from me and my opponents), but still managed to end the day up $100; new graph added on the right there. I'm still maintaining a very healthy 8BB/100 overall through 25nl and 50nl and I'm very happy about it still.

I'm gonna make this one short, as I'm VERY tired after playing a nice ~ 3 hours of shinny hockey with my old man earlier tonight. I hadn't played since last spring and it was soooooooo fun. Gotta play more.

On a brief side note, I made gold...

Dear ChuckTs,

Congratulations! You have achieved the "GoldStar".

We invite you to learn about your many new PokerStars VIP privileges by visiting


PokerStars Team.

...and also ordered myself a nice little ipod shuffle. I was eyeing some nicer, higher-end nanos, or maybe just one of those monstrous 80GB ones, but really a cheap shuffle (for 7000FPPS) is all I need. If this delivery is anything like my previous FPP store 'purchases', it should be here well before the forewarned 4-6 weeks.

On another side note, I just saw Control, and thought I'd toss out a little tribute:

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