Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well, as far as my progress has gone, 50nl has been swingy to say the least. I started playing a couple days ago - only 4 tables in the beginning - and within about 5 hands, had my first stacking with an overlplayed AA that got looked up by AK for top pair (HA thread here).

I ended up playing 6 tables for 2k hands that first day, and finished almost exactly break even (a little on the negative side). I did run into more coolers and beats, but played pretty poorly overall. I stacked a few fish with some sets, but played poorly enough to still manage to come out at even for the day.

Today I played some more, starting out terribly again but ending the day ahead by a good chunk - so much so that I've brought my ~0BB/100 up to about 4BB/100 so far at 50nl through 4700 hands (already!?).

I plan on hanging around a lot longer at 50nl than I did at 25nl for a few obvious reasons. For one, I probably should have played another 10k at 25nl anyways, but got a little impatient. I also want to get a little more discipline and it would obviously be much cheaper for me to learn that at 50nl than at 100nl. I think I may play up to 50k hands at 50nl depending on how comfortable I feel with my play later on. 10k for now is my absolute minimum.

Anyways, again I just want to say this side game ordeal has been great for me and I'd suggest trying out full ring side games to anyone who plays poker. Lots to be made at the stakes I'm at. I'm actually making $14/hr as it stands, even through my bad beats, coolers and my occasional terrible play. I'll keep updating frequently.

On a side note, I'm going to add another graph over there on the right for my 50nl/pl progress. Notice how much swingier it is (SO FAR). :)

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tenbob said...

Nice to see you making progress this fast Chuck. If im honest nl$50 is likely the most profitable level, at the moment anyway. NL$100 at the moment is infested with supernova multi-tabling nits, and short stackers, and its rare to find a table that playing as open as an average nl$50 table. Looks like ill be coming across you sooner rather than later on the 100 tables though, looking forward to stacking you a few times :)