Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Upswings are fun

Well I'm chock full of confidence now with my recent results in my 25nl adventure. That obv means the doomswitch is going to hit me any day now, but w/e. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

So far at 25nl:

-I'm running very solid (~8BB/100hands) even through a few beats/coolers and some bad play on my own part
-I'm actually gaining some discipline! I folded bottom set vs what was pretty obviously the nut straight where I wasn't getting odds to draw out - something I'd be snapcalling without thought normally
-I've already ripped through 8k hands (almost at my 10k goal) playing 8 tables but I think I may even stick around for another 5k or 10k after to polish things off a little before hopping up to 50nl
-My PS bankroll cracked $1000 for the first time in months. I had to withdraw some funds quite a while ago and ever since my BR has been hovering around $500-$1000. Paying the ~$200 for the stox subscription put a huge dent in it too, but I'm now back where I want to be :)

Well I'm now going to keep an updated graph of my progress on the homepage for your opticalismic stimulation. Ya that's right. Opticalismic. I'm running so good I can make up my own words.

Unfortunately I haven't been running as good in tournaments, save for a razz MTT where I actually placed 2nd for a nice $144 and forgot to mention it in the blog. Should have won the damn thing, but oh well. I haven't played as many tourneys but I'm fine with that - I think I'll be treating tourneys as much more of a thing that I'll do when I treat myself for playing well in the rings.

Here's your song for the day. Big collabo here and then another great song from the other end of the musical genre spectrum:

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