Thursday, January 3, 2008

Busy busy busy

Well real life has been keeping me busy, and of course that means that my poker progress has been a little slower, nevermind the blog (sorry!).

I've got a whole list of things I need to catch up on in real life (driver's license, apprenticeship, getting a credit card etc etc), and once I'm over this hump of getting back on track I have the feeling I'm still going to be playing tons of poker when the day is done.

Christmas was fun; we pretty much drank all day, played yahtzee, scrabble and pente (look it up; great game. Unfortunately nobody wanted to play poker with the kid who lives upstairs and plays online all day :(

New years was unfortunately not that great for me. Back in the day we used to have a list of parties to go to. We would go to one of our buddies houses to predrink, then end up roaming the streets with bottles of liquor trying to find the parties. I remember several times being outside during the countdown and hearing people scream in their houses as it went down :p

This year we went to a friend of my best buddy's house for a party. My buddy is as big of a skateboarding fanatic as I am with poker, and this party was almost all skating friends of his. I met some new people, including a very unattractive girl who now thinks I'm her boyfriend and expects a call sometime soon (fat chance). We ended up staying at that same party the whole night and it left me aching for more partying which unfortunately we didn't do. meh.

Another thing I did over the break was hockey! Me and my old man went out to a skating rink, found it completely empty and played for about 3 hours before nearly dying of exhaust. I hadn't played since last summer which was the longest break I'd taken in years. I used to be just about as obsessed with hockey as I am now with poker - for those who don't know, I've played since I was like 7 years old, never missing a season of hockey. For about 4 years in the latest part of that stretch, I even played summer hockey which meant I was never off the ice for more than about a month. Anyways that was a lot of fun and I hope to squeeze some more in before spring hits us.

On to poker, like I said I haven't been playing all that much. I've played two sessions since Christmas; the first was a big cooler/bad play downswing that turned into a break-even session, and the second was yesterday which I made a video of and (just) posted on cardschat here. I'm still doing very well overall at 50nl, but still have great lengths to go before I move up to 100nl even though I've been pondering taking shots soon. Progress updated on the right :)

Anyways I've been a little obsessed with synthesizer-filled 80's music lately (and music that emulates it) so here's a nice tune from TV Eyes:

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