Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good timing.

..........................NOT (Borat? Anyone? meh)

Anyways the situation I'm in is sort of bitter sweet, but I can't complain.

On one hand, I just took my first real ~1 hour session at 100nl yesterday and ran very well at 15bb/100. I realize that's probably unsustainable, but I'll be happy if I can manage like 3-5bb/100 long-term. I do think I can do well, though.

I started by playing 4 tables to keep the pace down a little bit, with the intention of making solid decisions on each table, but all that lead to was me playing LAGgier than usual. I made a few moves including a bluff so terrible that I can't remember the last time I tried something that improbable of success. I got in a tough spot with ATh vs a maniac, ended up all but stacking him, but he folded to a bet for like $15 of his remaining ~$80 stack :p

Well that gave me some confidence (oh goodness what would have happened had I lost that...), and I decided that I needed more tables to keep me playing solid. I fired up two more, giving me 6 total, and that's when the run started. Before that I had lost quite a bit, nearly a buyin, and was running at like -14bb/100, and ran at somewhere around 25bb/100 after that to bring me back up for the session.

The transition from 25nl to 50nl seemed to be so much more nerve-racking for some reason. I broke even for about 4300 hands, and only after that did my profits actually start rising. So far I can't make any assumptions based on my results at 100nl, but I can tell you that I feel WAY more comfortable and am as excited as ever to start grinding it out.

Which brings me to the bitter part of my situation. I'm right in the middle of some very busy stuff in real life, including getting my high school diploma (yes, grades-wise I finished it, but I don't actually have my diploma due to some silly paperwork), drivers license, a credit card, and doing all of this before the deadline for my new course at my college.

I think I'm going to have to really exercise some discipline here and tear myself away from my PC in order to get the stuff done. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna start now - I'll catch you guys later. Enjoy the song :)

EDIT: weee another milestone!

5k in withdrawls:


Zach said...

Good job, looks like you're off to a nice start. Nothing scary about .50/1, just slightly better players playing for twice as much money. As long as you're rolled for it (as you are) and good enough (which I think you are), just keep playing how you know how and I don't see how you can not make a long-term profit. From what I've seen even on up to $1/2 there's still your share of horrible play and thus it is still very profitable. Even though there are slightly better players there, that doesn't change the basic strategy of the game, and from what I've seen, you've got a very good mind and play fundamentally great poker. Just know that more people will be getting reads on you, so you're going to have to spot who those people are (and spot the people who spot that you're getting reads on them :), always one step ahead).

Of course this is coming from someone whose only experience at the .50/1 tables was massive tilt, and is currently playing at 1/10 of those stakes :)

P.S. Once you get comfortable you should do a video of .50/1, that'd be nice to see. Good luck, although I know you don't need it.

ChuckTs said...

Thanks a lot for the encouragement, Zach. Means a lot man :)

I'll be coming out with a 100nl vid soon...

tenbob said...

Nice one Chuck congrats on the move up, again. This is fast progress man, well done. I can see a few epic battles between us in the coming weeks. Hopefully I won't hammer you too bad :)

ChuckTs said...

Nah, I'll just wave at you on my way to 200nl, Liam ;)

*doomswitch flicked*