Friday, January 18, 2008

Party time

It's kind of odd, but I'm finding myself playing less and studying the game more as of late. I've still only played 5k hands this month and will really have to pack in some hands in the later parts of the month if I want to maintain gold status. Should be a tad easier at 100nl though.

I've been watching and taking notes on a few more stox videos, but overall it seems that I'm spending most of my time discussing poker at cc. I started a thread on the ba/wb concept (see here), and we got some great discussion going. As expected, a lot of people disagreed with me at first, but that's what discussing poker is all about :)

One thing that does bug me though is when people spout one-liner, false adages and ignore any reasoning I give to prove they are wrong. Things like "you have top pair, bet it!", "you were the aggressor preflop, so continue it on the flop by betting" or "checking is too passive". Silly stuff, but it gets under my skin sometimes.

Anyways I've posted another interesting hand, specifically the "two overpairs" hand from SSHE, and I'm interested in seeing what types of responses we'll get there.

Anyways real life is busy still; I picked up my papers for my high school diploma and will get them signed asap (for mandatory community service - the only reason I haven't graduated yet). I've also got to hand in an application for a credit card, update my passport and go get a health card, and after that's all done I can go and get my G1 driver's license.

This weekend is even going to keep me busy with parties. Tonight my buddy and his bmx friends are having a video premier at some club downtown, and we've got the whole vip section locked off. They're a rowdy bunch to say the least and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few scuffles - should be fun. Tomorrow night there's another party, but I'm not sure I'll have finished puking tonight's intake by then.

Anyways I'll update you later this weekend with any stories from the party and any poker I play this sat/sun.

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