Sunday, January 27, 2008

I hath conquered

Well I'm sorry about not updating in the last while, but as you can probably tell from my last post, I was on a pretty bad tilting session and just needed to clear my head of anything poker-related for a bit to get over it.

A few days ago I started putting in a lot more volume with 100nl. Unfortunately I ran into a pretty bad downswing, and that in turn lead to tilt. All that combined resulted in a pretty nasty downswing, and I saw myself go on monkey tilt for the first time since I was back 8-tabling $16 turbo STTs. I was NOT happy with myself; the downswing was a bummer, but me going on monkey tilt was something I really, really wasn't happy to see.

Long story short, I dropped about $700 from my bankroll and decided to take a break. Today was my first day back, and I promised myself not to monkey tilt. In terms of bb/100 I've had much worse swings, but when you look at it in terms of real money you really start to understand why I was freaking out so much. I rarely have a couple hundred in my bank account, and when I see my poker account drop that much in the span of a few days, it really hits me hard.

I used to tilt a lot and just take breaks to avoid improving my game and seeing what my leaks were, but I've decided to looked at my play in the most objective way possible. I've isolated my biggest leaks and already worked on them (successfully!) today. I booked a solid session, won a buyin and a half, and best of all I didn't tilt.

So the graph on the right's been updated again. Nasty stuff, but I'm dedicated to making a solid winrate out of 100nl; I know I can do it too since the play really isn't all that much better than 50nl. As a matter of fact, most of the money I lost during this streak was either from beats or coolers (again, see below), or was from me tilting as a result of those beats. I hardly got outplayed.

I'll be back on the tables tomorrow grinding it out so I'll update you guys on how that goes. Oh, on a side note I'm accumulating fpps like there's no tomorrow. I've already got another 17k saved up and really don't know what I want to spend them on. Any suggestions would be great :)

Gotta love the 80s and how back then it was cool to act like a bisexual. Seriously though, I've developed a strange addiction to Rod Stewart lately.


Zach said...

glad to see you're rebounding, a few more sessions like today and you'll be back up. If there's nothing you really want at the FPP store, you could always get the cash back, at gold 25,000 FPPs gets you $285.

ChuckTs said...

hmm, good suggestion zach. Hadn't even thought about the bonuses.

Thanks for the support too, bud. Truly appreciate it :)

Munchrs said...

Chuck, alternatively you could save up 27k FPP and get a ipod touch then sell the ipod touch on ebay or whatever for about $350-$500, which would net you more profit than a Bounus. The downside is its a little more work for a couple hundred extra.

subt33 said...

Chuck, you say you isolate your leaks and work on them. Exactly what does this entail?

ChuckTs said...


Actually not a bad suggestion, but I think I've settled on buying myself a new monitor since they restocked the 24" samsungs in their electronics section of the fpp store :)


I'd rather not divulge all of my leaks to the general public, but I meant that I've identified those leaks, and worked on plugging them in-game. Things like folding big pairs postflop when I'm getting action my hand can't handle, etc.

Zach said...

oh wow that 24" monitor looks good, glad they brought it back. Assuming I continue to play a lot and make it to 50nl by my goal, I should easily have the FPPs to get this by the summer, was planning to simply get a cash bonus and buy one with the money, but this is definitely a good choice.

subt33 said...

I guess I meant how do you identify your leaks?

ChuckTs said...

oh, sorry, misunderstood you.

Basically I just remember the similar situations where I lose money (or don't win enough) on a regular basis and take a deep look at those hand histories to figure out why I'm losing.

When you play high-volume you start to see the long run in a much shorter amount of time, and leaks become much easier to identify; ie they're not as easily mistaken as bad luck for example.