Thursday, January 24, 2008

FFS downswing

Well as much as I'd like to blame this on a bad run, I'm honestly not playing anywhere near my normal game right now. I honestly don't know why but my mindset seems to have changed a lot lately - maybe it's because things in real life are a little screwed up right now in more ways than one.

Long story short, I lost around $400 or $500 yesterday, came back today refreshed and started winning, only to have a few coolers and more tilt bring me back down. I'm still well-rolled for 100nl, but I think I need a break right now, if only for a few days.

Sorry for the short post, but tbh I just don't feel like talking/thinking about poker right now. When I come back without the tilt I'm going to have a good look through my PT database and see if I can plug some of my leaks, some of which I already know about and know how to fix. Shouldn't be too much trouble.

On a side note, my iPod shuffle finally arrived (exactly one month after I ordered it), and it at least put a little bit of a smile on my face after all this losing business.

brb in like 3 days no music vid/graph update this time kbai


tenbob said...

Chin up Chuck, it happens, all the time in fact. Thing is when you on a heater for so long these downswings just feel worse. Things will pick up, trust me.

lightning36 said...

Taking a few days off sounds like a good idea. No sense in good players giving away money by playing at the wrong times.

Do you play at many sites? When I feel like one site is killing me, I take a long vacation away from it.