Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taking shots!

Well new games are calling me, and I can't resist. Last night, half drunk, I decided to play some 25plo, and did fairly well. I started off with two tables of 25plo 6-max, found it a lot of fun, and fired up two more tables to get some more action. I played a pretty loose aggressive style and it paid off this time as I was hitting a lot of flops. I don't plan on playing this aggressive long-term if I end up playing it more, but just getting the feel of the game again was nice. Here are some numbers from the free trial of PT Omaha:

Then today, I got a yearning for 100nl and decided to fire a couple of the juicier tables up. Both were pretty fishy in the beginning which gives me some relief after building up the image of 100nl being full of tagfish in my head. Anyways in the end one table was still as fishy, while the other tightened up after the 'lesser' players left. I ended up playing pretty lag on that table, and on the other I played pretty tight, and missed most flops. Here are the results for the brief session:

Anyways as I've been mentioning in past posts, real life has been getting pretty busy. I found a full-time course at my college that interests me, and the registration is filling up fast even though the course doesn't even start until September. I've got a few little complications that I've got to clear up next week before I can register, so that'll keep me busy still, but once again I'll find time for poker.

On a side note I've decided to watch a certain series of videos on stoxpoker by Ed Miller entitled "The poker made simple series", and taking notes on pads of paper as I watch them. Basically I'm studying, which will help me actually remember the info I watch as opposed to just hearing it and most probably forgetting a lot of it later on.

On another side note, my bankroll has reached a new all-time high!

Way back when I was playing in way over my head at Titan poker, my bankroll had reached about $2800 while I was trying to play 400nl (lol). Anyways right now my bankroll at stars is about $2500, and I've still got funds locked up at both party and mansion, totaling around $500 more which brings my bankroll up to 3k! Fun times.

Anyways, today's track :)

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