Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well after commenting on Mr. Paulsson's last blog entry by offering to join him in studying PLO or possibly another non-holdem game, he promptly emailed me and said he'd definitely be interested. Needless to say this is all exciting as full ring tends to get a little monotonous, and keeping my poker options open is always nice. Holdem may not always be the most popular poker game, and it's always nice to have another game to fall back on (PLO being a close second in popularity, especially over in Europe apparently).

As for real-life issues, everything's been picking up speed lately and I'm getting excited. My college FINALLY sent me my results for the last course I took and I passed. My good friend is planning on taking a two or three-year building construction technology course, told me about it, and I've decided I'm going to take the same one. The program costs around 2 or 3 grand, and will start next September, and to be honest I've never been this excited about a school program. The course is apparently very hands-on, giving you the chance to practice building an entire house inside the college's work space. This isn't going to help me tremendously with my electrical career, but it'll open my options up as well as give me a little bit of background in construction. Should be fun.

Full ring's still going great - my last session was a hefty 16BB/100 through about a thousand hands. Unsustainable obviously, but it's always nice to be on a mini-heater :) Graph on the right has been updated once again. I've really got to start actually playing more - my winrate is at a very nice $25/hr so even if it drops a few bucks by playing higher volume, it'll still result in more profits per day.

I recently did a few videos you might be interested in. One's an analysis of a fellow cardschatter NineLions' 10nl full ring session, the other is me 8-tabling full ring myself.

Anyways, all's going good in the poker world and the real world as well. I've still got a list of things I need to do that will keep me a little busy and away from poker for the next week or two, but I know I'll find time.

Let's finish this one with some newer Radiohead:

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