Saturday, August 30, 2008

1,264 hands

Big day

Ignore, this is a brag.

First thing's first, I'm not sure how prepared I am to share this with the public (or rather with the 10 people who read this thing). I can't even remember who I've shared this information with either, so whatever. My aunt recently had a stroke and has been in a sort of coma for several weeks now. She had pretty bad brain damage and basically the doctors told us not to keep our hopes up. Even through several surgeries and intensive care, she seemed like a vegetable when I went to visit her a few days ago. Just today however we got a call from my uncle saying that she's begun to speak, albeit not really 'sensibly' yet, but it's a HUGE step and I couldn't be happier. It looks like things are turning around for her and hopefully her condition continues to progress.

We had a mini celebration here at home after getting the good news, so all of us got a little drunk and played scrabble (WOOO PARTYYYY). But really, it was good fun. Time to retire, I come up to my bedroom and low and behold, have the best session I've ever had. 430 hands, some coolers and some solid play later, and I'm $900+ richer.

The winnings are nice, but really what I'm happy about is the fact that it gave me another huge confidence boost. I like playing a fairly lag style - by my standards anyways - when I play 6max, and it's a little intimidating at first moving to new stakes and expecting the regulars to eat you up. I feel very settled in and barring my roll dropping some in the next few months, I expect to stick around at 200nl. It's pretty odd seeing that 400nl is just around the corner. To be %100 honest, I'm terrified, and very excited at the same time. When I watch videos of stox coaches and they say they drop down to 600nl and 400nl when their regular (1000nl+) tables aren't good, well you can imagine what I feel. I expect to have to plug at very least 200k hands before I make another move up in stakes, but who knows. It could be 50k hands. It could be 500k. I could go broke trying :)

So I'm happy. Some of today's hands; some of them HA-worthy, others just for entertainment:




Readless. I think it's a little loose, but pretty standard given everything missed and he so rarely has a 9x/4x hand.

HA thread on CC.

I somehow have managed to lose the other hands in HEM I wanted to post, whatever.

Happy day, happy day. I'm done gloating, gonna go get some rest. I stayed up til 5am yesterday trying to beat a certain part in Assassin's Creed that frustrated the shit out of me. Beat that today too :)

kk I'm done, see you guys around the forums.

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Icemonkey9 said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt. As you might remember my family went through the same thing in May. My wife's uncle, the head of her entire family, had a stroke and we spent 3 weeks at the Intensive Care Unit every single night ... in the end he caught an infection and never woke up. Fortunately it sounds like your Aunt is going to pull through this, and we were told that with a year of rehab that people come back to live normal lives without slurred speech even. Anyways, that's good news and I am happy she's pulling through.

Nice session btw ... and I love the analysis of ":)" and ":(" which is pretty much all that is needed for a KK AIPF shove haha. Keep it up and yeah I can't imagine thinking that 400nl is on the way and then "oh crap my instructors occasionally play there".