Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4,800 hands

Still running like a god!

An insane 10ptbb/100 this month over the (almost) 10k hands I've played equates to about 2k profit. I'm kind of posting a half-month update here because I plan on being alcoholically handicapped for the next week or so, and probably won't be blogging. A handful of friends and I have birthdays in the middle of August, so naturally there's always a huge binge with tons of parties. Tonight is a lady friend's party and so the binge begins! I'll be posting whatever pics I can.

As for the poker, I'm still genuinely curious what I can sustain at 6-max. I've definitely made my share of bad plays this month for stacks, but have still managed an insane winrate. I guess only time will tell, but for now I'm perfectly happy with 10/100.

For the second hour of my coaching with Stosh I've played a 4-tabling session with commentary and he'll analyze it and basically give his feedback. I've recorded the video, but as it stands right now stoxpoker is down due to updates and upgrades to the site. Stosh's contact info is in my pm inbox at the site which I can't access, so I'll have to wait a day+ for that to clear up before I can ship him the link. I was initially under the impression that he was going to give his commentary over my video, but I'm not sure he's doing that. If he does make a video out of it, I'll be posting it at CC which should be fun.

So even through running like a god when I grind, I'm broke as a joke in real life. I'm owed money from a few people, but they're delaying the paybacks. So I had to withdraw another grand from my account which is ok because I'm overolled even for 200nl at the moment. As for right now though, I've got to go see if I can collect some debts, and if not I'll have to borrow money for the binge week :(

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