Thursday, August 28, 2008

944 hands


From 0 down to $200 under, up to $325, back down to zero.

I tilted for like 10 mins today for the first time in what feels like forever. Was kind of a good exercise trying to cool myself down. I was actually in the middle of recording a video for Stosh (which I will no doubt send, tons of tough spots) and I was just getting run over. Lots of floating me, 4betting me light, raising my cbets, finally hitting a set and then getting set over setted. meh.

Sucked it up, pulled my shit back together and ended up roughly break-even on the session. I felt I was playing pretty well, I think I just played a little bit too aggressive in spots where I should have been tightening up, and managed to run into a lot of hands. In the end I made some pretty good reads, 4bet bluff some restealers a couple times and brought myself back from down 2 buyins to -$30 or so.

Some of the hands I posted on CC and stox:

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