Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1,450 hands

Unfortunately I'm finding 4-tabling the 6-max tables makes for an incredibly hands/hour rate. I played 4.76 hours yesterday and only managed 1450 hands, something I'd do in well under two hours at full ring. Oh well, I'm not too disappointed in that as the FPPs are worth a little more per hand, plus the fewer tables I'm playing is really helping me play a good game. Unfortunately I still manage to make a few silly plays once in a while...

I knew this guy was floaty, and the turn makes for an easy check-call. The river however was one of those things where my hands acts before my mind can think, and I made a terrible call. I've been playing hands like these, marking them in HEM and going off to post them in HA after my session, but by the time I look at the hand history again, I 'solve' the hand. In this case, 'solving' the hand is just folding the river.

This one was definitely a result of me not being used to 6-max ranges. On the flop I'm putting him on a lot of overpairs, but basically only KK+, maybe QQ will stack if I ship it in there. Then again don't you think QQ- flat the flop? I dunno, this one had me a little confused. The turn brought an ace obv, but that card didn't concern me all that much since I didn't think he would raise the flop with any ace but AA or AKs/AQs. Turns out his range was much wider than I thought. Not sure about the river call either...

Blegh, against a fishy shortstack. Just spew, he probably doesn't fold AK there.


Interesting spot. Donk bettor is a chronic donk bettor....guy behind me is a nitty player, same guy as the A7s vs KK hand above. I like raising the donk because he'll have such a wide range there and I can often fold a lot of that out, but it puts me in a very tough spot if (when) the button 3bets or shoves on me.

fwiw I snapcalled that out of spite against the guy :p

Ship. Against that KJ vs 42s guy.

Why in the fuck are you leading?

Just love getting thin value with these guys' calling ranges.

moar value

I'd been very lag as usual and he'd started check-raising me a ton. Basically his ch-r here is an extremely polarized range, so either he's flopped a set or he's bluffing me. He's never got a big ace there, and would never take that line with it anyways. So anyways, a little bit of a silly bluff, but it felt pretty good getting that strong read on him.

Weee! I get lucky (for once in my life, I'm so unlucky, blah blah blah, whine whine whine).

So even through the retarded hands where I've played for stacks with KJ on a xJ345A board, or made silly bluffs, I'm still running at 11ptbb/100 in 6-max this month. I've only played short of 5k hands so far however and obviously realize with the extra variance in 6-max this doesn't mean dick, but I'm feeling good. I've heard about how 3ptbb is basically crushing any game (save like 2nl where you should be beating it for 100ptbb or whatever), but I really feel I can do better. Again, I guess only time will tell.

Off to have breakfast and start grinding. Stosh and I agreed our next hour of coaching should be a review of a ~45 minute 4-tabling video of my play, so maybe I'll record that today.

I don't know this guy, but he's awesome. Short but sweet...

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