Friday, August 1, 2008

July results, August goals

July? It sucked. I played fewer hands, ran like shit in the last ~third of the month, and played like shit when I ran bad. As usual this is all going to be a nice big lesson for me in the long road that is my poker career, but right now I'm stuck in a ditch, gunning the gas, and seeing my wheel go further and further into the mud. Or make it cow shit, that fits the analogy better. Tilt control will be Rachel McAdams miraculously driving by in a tow truck every time I get stuck.

I can't wait until I reach Irexes status. That is, nothing relating to poker ever affects my emotional state, and I play my A game %100 of the time. Yeah, that'll be the day. I think sitting down and actually reading The Poker Mindset (as well as rereading the Zen book) should help. I just have to stop reading one page at a time when I'm on the can.

Today's sessions actually went well! I figure it's foreshadowing for August which will rock for me. $4k, I guarantee it. Hands off that doomswitch, Lee Jones...or whoever replaced you. But ya, I think I played 4 tables of 6-max with my tightish 22/19 style and played pretty well. There will definitely some spots I could have played better (cough...

...cough), but the big thing was that I didn't tilt much. Key word: "much"...

I don't want to get to ranting here like I usually do. July results weren't anywhere near satisfactory to me.

- 20k hands
- something like $1300 profit
- back down to gold star

I mentioned I just finalize the coaching 'deal' with Stosh, so that will be a big part of August for me. I'm not only getting a bigger craving for the 6-max he'll be coaching me on, but I'm playing better shorthanded too (when I'm not tilting). I remember looking at 100nl 6-max like some kind of unbeatable game, but I'm doing very well against even the tougher regulars when I play my A game. That mans when I'm not tilting and throwing my chips around like an enraged ape.

...Anybody noticed a primate-based theme around my posts lately?

Anyways, August goals will be...

- Play more hours, more hands
- Play more 6-max
- Make the most out of my coaching
- Finish reading The Poker Mindset
- Fix speed bag platform ffs
- Go skydiving!
- Survive birthday binge in mid August


Anonymous said...

I think you meant "July".

"June results weren't anywhere near satisfactory to me."

WVHillbilly said...

Keep your head up Chuck and make the most out of Stosh's coaching. I know it's expensive but I'm sure you'll get every $$ of it back and then some with the knowledge gained.

Love the graph BTW, but where are the time-warp loops???

ChuckTs said...

1) erm ya, fixed

2) erm ya, fixed

ChuckTs said...

hey whos anonymous btw

Anonymous said...

lol @ the time loop

WVHillbilly said...

Much better with the loop in there.

Must be were you agreed to "run it twice".