Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1,570 hands

A late berfday present

Mum promised me a gift back on my birthday and today she came through. I've been wanting/kind of needing a new desk for a while now and we finally decided to take a peek at the Ikea warehouse. We found a few nice options for tabletops with custom legs, but this combo stood out and I'm more than happy I got it. The desk is huge, I can now keep my overheating and dusty-ass PC off the ground (and stop using it as a footrest) along with my two monitors comfortably. It was surprisingly cheap for the solid model it is - it was $30 per leg (which is actually two adjustable legs which include a shelf thing...just look at the pic below) and $150 for the solid pine tabletop. I was planning on getting a glass table cover thing to put over it, but I think that can wait. It's just not something I need.

Note the open-case PC for aeration.

I mentioned it earlier, but I'll be getting another 24" samsung to replace the acer that I'm shipping to my mom, so that'll free up even more space both on the desk and on my desktop. Should be a pretty sexy setup imo.

Looks like it's gold again...

I guess that's not much to complain about, but I really have to stop slacking so I can keep platinum up and clear supernova (38k to go still) by the end of the year. It should be a grind. I envy the work ethic of you guys (bw, jay, zach) who plug in 30k-60k hands monthly. I just don't get it. It's doubly hard logging that many hands now that I'm playing 6-max (ie fewer tables), but even when I was 12-tabling FR it was tough for me to crack 30k hands. Just something I'll have to work on I guess.

Poker's been fun though. What I tend to do now is boot up 4 tables and record videos for Stosh (sometimes with two on the side making 6 tables of 6max). I've yet to send him a video for the third hour of our coaching bit, mainly due to the fact that I've screwed up a lot of the recordings by forgetting to turn my mic on, or misclicking to erase the video or whatever. My last few sessions have definitely been interesting and tough enough for me to have qualified them to send to Stosh. I think just about every 6-max session is for me. Always marginal spots, but I love it.

Been taking lots of shots at 200nl and am feeling very comfortable at the higher stakes. Unfortunately I'm only breaking even atm, but that's much better than losing. What I do like is that I pay very very close attention to each table and I actually think every decision through! It's been so awesome moving to 6-max. Such a relief from the robotic nut peddling full ring play.

Some hands...

Villain was passive which made me question shoving some, but I think it's fine. I'm not sure he can fold a jack (which is about the best we can hope for in his range), so it's still a little marginal. Don't think I can really fold or flat it though.

It's easy to say I don't get mad at these hands now - I'm sure I'll be going apeshit when I have it happen 5-10 times in a day, but really I'm handling beats so well now. I seriously yelled out loud (in a funny way, not like WHAT THE FUCKKK LEMME SEE IT I RUN SO BAD *CRY*) "SHOW ME 66! SHOW ME 6s!!!!!!!!!!!". And then he did. And I laughed :)

Villain was a massive massive fish. Him and the player to his right were going at it for a while, cussing back and forth, and I'd only wished I had position on him. I think calling the flop/turn is fine, but after he puts out that kind of bet on the river I just don't think I see many hands I beat. He's like 45/25 or something though, so whatever. Just a sick spot.

Really I don't have all that many interesting winning hands. Just a bunch of small pots, some decent coolers and just boring hands altogether tbh. I've been paying a lot less attention to results lately (*pats back*), but do occasionally check. The last few days have been pretty break-even, but I don't really care. $70 in the 1,570 hands. Uh, lol at like 1.6 ptbb/100 being 'break-even'. I'm gonna cry so hard when I hit an actual swing :p

Will be playing more in the next few days too. Played like 300 hands this morning, got a little busy with the new desk and didn't bother playing later on (ie now). Gonna have a nice healthy breakfast tomorrow and get back on the grind.

A great song from a band I've been getting more of a feel for. Good ol' Ontario boys, they're from up in cottage country area. Studio version of the song is pretty awesome too.

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