Sunday, August 31, 2008

August results, September goals

Well 6-max has been good to me. Even through a solid number of beats and a dismal number of hands logged, I've still got my best month to date. You've heard the same story a million times from me: I could have played a lot more. I don't hate myself nearly as much this month as in the past though. Some personal stuff has kept me busy, plus moving to 6-max has made playing a million tables a little tough, so I'm not going to kill myself over my results in that area. I guess setting a record day for me yesterday through a tiny session boosts my confidence some, but I still know I could have played more.

So, August results:

-Ran at:

-Coaching is going well, though I should ship him a few more HHs
-Played almost purely 6-max
-Didn't fix speedbag, didn't skydive, survived birthday binge (which was a marginal 7/10 vs last year's 9.5)

Next month is pretty simple.

-More hands. Seriously, MORE FUCKING HANDS
-I'll be coaching at the very least one person from CC, so that will take up some of my time


Icemonkey9 said...

Considering what you revealed about the family situation this month, don't beat yourself up about not playing enough. You wouldn't have been able to concentrate properly if you had tried.

Gorgeous graph man, always a steady climb for ChuckTs, and your bb/100 numbers are damn impressive dude. Nice month, sets you up for a serious September run.

Gareth said...

Very nice. I for one (and no doubt many others) find you a great inspiration. In particular this month, I really appreciated you uploading one of your 60 mins 100NL 6max vids you got coaching on. Taught me some very useful stuff.

All the best.


bw07507 said...

Very nice month Chuck, I'm jealous of 3k profit in that many hands. Btw, you are planning on coaching people? How much do want for that?

ChuckTs said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. I'll be posting more of the coaching videos with Stosh when they get done.

bw: I'll probably be posting something soon on CC. I've already got two possible 'coachees' in line and haven't yet gauged just how much time that will take up, so my time slots may already be filled. I was thinking something along the lines of 200 for 10 sessions/25 per session or maybe a little more. Nothing serious, just to test out the coaching waters and see how it is.

ChuckTs said...

*200 for 10 hours/25 per hour

koaadyawn said...

$3500 a month is really nice compared to $ in your coaches as I am willing to learn anything from a winning player.