Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well my last week of my course finally crept up on me, and I've got my final exam tomorrow. To be honest I really screwed up in the beginning of the course; completely forgetting to go to the first three classes and missing an early assignment put me behind the whole class and I still don't get some of the earlier concepts and things that were taught.

On the other hand, my teacher is very nice in that each weekly test we've had, he's used the exact same example questions that he used to teach that concept to test us with. He dropped a hint to review those old tests and I'm almost sure that he's just going to take the toughest question from each test and make an exam out of that, so studying should be a breeze. Add on the fact that my class is almost entirely immigrants trying to make their way in Canada, and that all the tests are written very simply and straight-forward, and I shouldn't have too much trouble if I get today and tomorrow's studying in.

I'd actually planned on studying yesterday, but got caught up with a razz table that turned out to be a half-day (and 1500-hand) affair. I'm really liking the change of pace from hold'em. Not only that, but .5/1 is chock-full of maniacs and nits, so making a profit is easy even for someone like me who barely knows the basics.

Unfortunately I don't have PT stud, so I can't give you exact numbers, but I brought my Stars bankroll from ~$600 up to $720 yesterday with razz alone. I'm actually thinking about picking it up (or maybe the discounted OH/Stud combo) to expand my poker horizon. Like Zolotow said, be the fox, not the hedgehog. Specialize in a variety of games - not just one.

Back to hold'em, I actually haven't played that much lately, but have been winning when I do. I'm still hovering around 5BBs/100hands at .5/1 FLHE, but haven't played any tournaments in ages. I'm kind of missing the STTs and I might take a shot at those again. MTTs too, actually. Maybe I'll get my feet wet in a few small satellites after I'm done with my exam.

On a side note, I've been an absolute slob the last few months. Not getting enough exercise, not eating properly, staying in too much etc etc, and I've actually lost a few pounds which is no good. Lately I've been getting the urge to start working out again and to start eating healthier, and I feel a lot better. I've only really started doing push-ups and sit-ups again, as well as some running on the side, but that little exercise that I do get helps a lot.


Entiteit said...

Hope you make it through your finals ok man. im rooting for ya ! My exams start next week so i really should start reviewing my math this week. Any hint as to what that class teaches ? Anyways good luck !

ChuckTs said...

Thanks, entiteit.

My class is a college electrical course.

Are you from cardschat? Sorry, but I don't recognize your name. Anyways, thanks for the response and gl with your exams too ;)

Entiteit said...

Yea i am, it's eNTy if you would remember me, don't blame you if you don't ;)

ChuckTs said...

ah, I remember now. I remember the discussion at CC about your physics class and smoking lol

Entiteit said...

Yup Yup that was a beaut :p i got 75% in total on physics this month he gave an extra test cause some less then subtle persons got 40/40 ^_o but i did alright on that too. All is wel except for math ;P