Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poker time!

Well exams are over. I purposely packed my backpack light, leaving my 100lb textbook at home to make the 20 min walk quicker, only to find that my prof decided that the goddamn exam was going to be open-book (with NO sharing). Fantastic. Luckily, I brought my notebook along which was allowed to be used during the exam as well, but I still managed to botch the exam enough that I'm not sure I passed the course.

A good chunk of the questions were literally copy and pasted from old tests, and all that was needed was to copy my old answers. Easy-capeezy. The rest was a little tough. Some of the questions were on parts of the course I hadn't studied enough and I managed not to have anything on in my notebook. Had I brought my actual textbook I could have looked up the terms and figured out the questions with common sense, but I know I screwed a good chunk of them up.

I needed exactly %44 on the exam to get a passing mark in the course, so I'm pretty confident I should be seeing a congratulatory letter in the mail soon.

With the exam done and not another course until January, I now have plenty of time to grind out the bankroll
and try to get a job. Seriously, I've been thinking a lot about my long-term plans, and have to set my priorities straight.

Number one on my list is a job. Ideally I'd like an electrical apprenticeship, but I think I have little to no chance of getting one in Toronto without a driver's license since most of the work will probably be driving out to either people's homes or wherever to do electrical work. I remember about a year ago I called every electrician in the phone book to apply for an apprenticeship, and the few that actually had spots open required driver's licenses.

The problem with getting a license is that a) the test centre is so far it actually requires a goddamn car to get there from downtown Toronto, and b) if I get my G1 license it'll still be a minimum of 8 months before I get my G2. A G1 only allows you to drive with someone who has a full G license (next step up from G2), and I obviously can't work with my mom driving beside me the whole time :D

Anyways, I'll have to find some other type of manual labour job that pays well. I simply won't work as a waiter, grocery store clerk or any other job like that. I hate dealing with people who act like asshole for the simple fact that you're behind a counter - I'd much rather shovel horse manure all day or some other dirty job than deal with people who decide to take their after-work stress out on the 20-year old store clerk.

Like I mentioned in my first post, I plan on using poker for a significant supplementary income when I finally do get my electrical career going. Rex's routine interests me a lot. He basically doesn't really apply bankroll management rules, but simply keeps a good chunk of money online, and plays whatever level he thinks he can beat until he thinks he's good enough to move up. When you depend entirely on the income generated from your poker bankroll like I do, you have to practice proper bankroll management or else the possibility of going broke gets bigger and bigger depending on how much of your BR you play with. So right now, I'm kind of stuck at stakes that I think I can beat somewhat easily, but they're so high-variance that building my bankroll is taking ages.

Eventually, I just want to be able to come home from a hard day's work either running my own electrical company or working for viciously nice wages at a big-name company and grind the tables (whilst having fun) for some good pocket change every month without risking significant amounts of money.

My brother also plans on starting his own restaurant eventually, and I'd love to manage it for him. Maybe I'll turn out to be one of those multi-source-income people :)

Anyways (wow I'm ranting again), I've decided that a cardrunners.com subscription is a definite option for me soon, but with my limited income I might have to wait. I'll have some free time in the coming months and will probably be playing a lot of poker so expect a lot of blog posts with it.

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lightning36 said...

Congrats! Good luck with da poker.