Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leafs win!


Well tonight I'm off to see my old man and watch a leafs game with him tonight, but unfortunately we're in one of the shittiest slumps we've been in for years and I'm not exactly banking on them winning.

Anyways, I played a $4/180 today and ended up placing 5th for a measely $30 or something. I was recording while playing and the video will be up on cardschat soon enough. I also decided to finally register for a poker coaching video site, specifically, and hopefully that will turn out well. $189 for the next 6 months is pretty pricey for someone as broke as me, but I'm very very eager to move forward in my poker 'career'.

I've been playing a lot more lately, especially STTs and a couple MTTs. I said a while ago that I was pretty much sick of preflop poker, but have really gotten the itch for tourneys lately and am doing fairly well. Unfortunately the $6.50 STTs are killing me, but I'm still doing fairly well in the $16s so it's all good.

Short post this time; I hope to be back with some good news about the leafs and poker for next post :)

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